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Commercial Wheelchair Vehicles

Full-Size Vans, Shuttle Buses, and Taxis
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Canada Day typically marks the first official day of summer vacation season. From trips up to the lake or across the country to see family, the next nine weeks will be very busy for most people. Getting out and getting around is critical to enjoy all that summer has to offer. Renting a wheelchair van offers a great option to explore and to have the freedom provided by a standard vehicle. But before going and renting a van, there are three important things to know. Knowing these three things will save you money, time and effort.


#1 – Know how you are planning on using the vehicle

When renting a wheelchair van it is important to know who will be driving the van. With both side and rear entry options available for rent, you want [...]

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Deckchairs on Beach

It’s time to bring out the shades, sunscreen and bug repellent. Summer is officially here which means it’s time to get out and about in your wheelchair van. Every city has it’s own unique, fun things to do throughout the summer. It could be ballet in the park, a sports game or a drive in the evening. Whatever your go to activities are, grab a friend or family member and go make some memories.

Here are my picks for fun things to do this summer:

#10 – Go for a cruise

It’s time to bring out the shades, sunscreen and bug repellent. Summer is officially here which means it’s time to get out and about in your wheelchair van. Every city has its own unique, fun things to do throughout the summer. It could [...]

Hand Controls by SureGrip

Gain The Freedom You Want To Control Your Vehicle
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Finance Options Pre-Approval

Take 10 Seconds To Fill In The Pre-Approval Form
Find out if you qualify for finance or lease options. Request more information below and one of our Mobility Vehicle Specialists will contact you!


Are you considering using financing or leasing to purchase your wheelchair accessible vehicle? Take a moment now to request more information below and we can help figure out which option is best for you. Depending on your situation, one option may be better than the other. Sometimes businesses prefer to lease their vehicles as they can use it as a tax deduction. In personal situations, financing may be the way to go as you can extend your payments for up to seven years on new vehicles. As well, if you are thinking of making a downpayment with your lease or finance, this may affect your which option is available. Remember, finance and lease options are available on approved credit. Take the first step today to find out if you qualify.

What makes for the better buy?

Debating The New vs Used Wheelchair Van Argument

Ice Cream Scoops In Bowl

Debating about a new or used wheelchair van is like debating which is better: mint or strawberry ice cream? It all comes down to looking at what works best for your personal or business situation.

With that said, buying new or used wheelchair van and/or vehicle is an important question to answer when looking at buying a vehicle. I think instead of debating the merits of one over the other, there are other questions that need to be answered first to truly find the right mobility vehicle solution for you and your family.

6 Questions To Answer Before Deciding If New or Used Is The Way To Go Question #1 – What kind of wheelchair van are you looking for?

This is a good place to start when you are looking at buying a wheelchair [...]

Northstar E Side Entry Toyota Sienna

Choosing an entry method for your wheelchair van requires some thought and consideration. There are several questions to be answered to find the right fit. In the end, taking the time to answer these questions will make choosing the right wheelchair van easy and give you the peace of mind that you chose the right vehicle.

#1 – Do you have a preference for side or rear entry?

You may have a preference on the type of entry method you like to use. It may have been from a past wheelchair accessible vehicle you have ridden in or it may be because it is what you drive now. This can save a lot of time if you have already made a decision on which wheelchair van conversion is best for you and your family.

#2 – How many people will be in the [...]

To lease or to finance a wheelchair van has been a topic greatly debated over the years and many web pages have been dedicated to the topic. My goal over the next few hundreds of words is to shed some light on wheelchair van financing & leasing to help you make an informed choice the next time you are ready to buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Van Financing & Leasing Helps You Attain Freedom Sooner

I think it is important to look overall at why financing and leasing are a good thing to do when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. The biggest reason we see here at Move Mobility is most people plan their expenses on a month-by-month basis. Most of our customers look at their expenses and say, “what can we realistically afford each month to pay for a wheelchair van?” Once that number is decided upon, it makes the whole purchase process [...]

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