Winter Roads

When we hear the term, winter roads, we often think of snow covered roads, slippery sections, and reduced visibility. For many of MoveMobility’s clients, winter roads mean much more than that… What are winter roads?

Winter roads are a construction of ice approximately a meter thick across tundra lakes and river. Each year, a network of roads are created and maintained. The roads are used by cars, trucks, snowmobiles, and dog sledding teams.

In most countries, all you need is a few centimeters of snow and society essentially grinds to a rapid halt. In Northern Canada, it’s quite the opposite as we have winter roads! Winter doesn’t have to be a sour thought; winter roads are a particularly attractive and bumpy journey.

We acknowledge the accessible benefits that winter roads have given to many communities across Canada over the years. From, access to medical supplies, enabling [...]

When accessibility and luxury come together…you get the Mercedes Metris Rear Entry

Welcome to the Mercedes Metris Rear Entry Van! We kept accessibility in mind when we designed this Metris. Rest assured you will be riding in comfort and style with plenty of hassle-free flexibility as soon as you open the door.



The Mercedes Metris is a highly creative and classy design.

Engineered to live up to the high class and luxury standard that the Mercedes Brand is built on, the Metris with Rear Entry van looks unlike any other wheelchair accessible van on the market. With no sign of [...]


MoveMobility is proud to be a certified member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association Inc (NMEDA).

Here at MoveMobility, we strive to create more awareness for wheelchair accessible vehicles every day for those living with disabilities, for their family member(s), their caregivers and for all of our customers. The benefits of working with a NMEDA certified dealer means, you’ll be working with the best industry knowledgeable professionals. In other words, we will give you highest quality and standards in each vehicle conversion and modification.

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