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Currently, most people are looking to transport their clients in full-sized vans. With MoveMobility's flexible seating system, AutoFloor, your seating arrangements are no longer limited. You can configure the seats how you like, when you need them. 

AutoFloor allows for over 1,000 seating arrangements. Depending on the wheelchair van, you can  accommodate up to seven wheelchairs without having to make any modifications to the van itself. Our removable seats are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to clean. With the flip of a switch, they pop out of the floor and are ready to move within or out of the vehicle.

AutoFloor is compatible with the Ram Promaster and the Ford Transit.

Why Choose Auto-Floor for Your Van? Works with new full-sized van models Lower total cost of ownership Complete flexibility in seating arrangements Flexibility in lift/ramp placement Flooring size c [...]

Wheelchair Van Rentals

Short & Long-Term Wheelchair Van Rentals Available in Manitoba & the GTA

MoveMobility is the only wheelchair van rental provider in Manitoba, and we provide wheelchair van rentals in Winnipeg and Toronto/GTA on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Rental vehicles have seating capacity for up to five passengers plus a wheelchair. Bookings fill up quickly, so avoid disappointment and book your wheelchair van rental today!

  Seating for 4 passengers + 1 wheelchair Manual ramp – no electrical parts to fail Quiet, smooth, and comfortable ride Wheelchair securement training Why Rent a Wheelchair Van? Leisure travel Special occasions Business travel Insurance replacement Try-befo [...]

Wheelchair Van and Ramp Warranty

Peace of mind, right from the start.
Wheelchair Van Protection For Your Vehicle Investment. Right From The Beginning.When you purchase your wheelchair van, your expectation is for it to work right, from day one. This is our expectation as well. All of the new vehicles we sell come with manufacturer's warranties, as well as warranty on the wheelchair ramps. Servicing for your vehicle can be done in Winnipeg where our main office is located or across the country at one of our partner service centres. If you would like to know where your closest service centre is, please give us a call at 1-877-781-8267 or click here. All of our used wheelchair vans come with the balance of the manufacturers warranty on the wheelchair van. Extended warranties are available to provide you peace of mind if repairs need to be made to the vehicle. If at any point you run into any challenges with your vehicle and service is required, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our service department is available Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm to answer your questions and provide the service you need. Want to know more about our wheelchair van and ramp warranties? We can help! Our team is passionate a [...]

Third Party Funding

Government & Private Funding Available To Help You
Third Party Funding: Support Comes In Many Different Forms 


3rd party funding options may be available for you. Several options are available through both government and private organizations. Sometimes, navigating the waters of funding options can be daunting. Do not worry! We are here to help you find your way and to help you apply to the right 3rd party funding partners.

Additional government funding options available here.

Wheelchair Van Financing Options

Smaller payments allow you to own your wheelchair van sooner.
Wheelchair Van Financing Helps You Find Payments To Fit With Your BudgetWheelchair van financing provides a great option for purchasing your vehicle. Financing allows you to have your payments fit your monthly expenditures. From $0 down payment to as much as you want, our lending partners will work with you to find a payment that suits your needs.   Why Finance Your Wheelchair Van? Wheelchair van financing provides many benefits. You own the wheelchair van when you are done making the payments - When you finance your wheelchair van, you will own the van at the end of your term unlike a lease where at the end of the term, there may be a residual value still owing on the vehicle. You are not limited on the kilometres you drive - Drive the van how you like, when you like. Build all costs into the Finance - When you finance, you can add in your warranty costs to the total purchase price, breaking up the cost into smaller payments. Flexibility -  Payments can be broken down into monthly, semi-monthly or weekly payments.

Wheelchair Van Leasing Options

A Wheelchair Van Lease Goes Beyond Affordable Payments.
Your Wheelchair Van Lease Is Waiting A wheelchair van lease provides a great option for purchasing your vehicle. Unlike traditional leases, the leasing partners we are connected to provide the ability for you to own your vehicle at the end without a high residual buyout, kilometre or body damage restrictions. It would be like you owned the wheelchair van right from day one and you won't have to dread the day your lease is up. Why Do A Wheelchair Van Lease Instead of Finance? The option to lease your wheelchair van provides many benefits, especially to business owners and decision makers. Tax Benefits - Wheelchair van lease payments are 100% tax deductible as an operating expense. This is not the case with capital expenses done through financing. Conserve Capital - Keep your money working for you, instead of tying up your financial resources in vehicles. Leases can be set up to represent a rental expense and kept off your company's balance sheet, keeping your ratios in line with your bank. Defer P.S.T, G.S.T & H.S.T - You don't have to pay the taxes up front and pay interest on those taxes. Your taxes are only paid on the monthly lease amount, excluding any down payment you make. [...]

Wheelchair Vehicle Finance & Lease

Get Pre-Qualified For Wheelchair Vehicle Finance & Lease Options
Wheelchair Vehicle Finance: Take 10 seconds to fill in the form.

Start the process of pre-qualifying yourself or your business for wheelchair vehicle finance & lease options. Fill in the form below to get started and one of our Mobility Vehicle Specialists will contact your shortly. All of our wheelchair vehicles qualify for finance.


Once you have sent in your form, someone from MoveMobility will contact you to learn more about your wheelchair van needs. They will take the time to fully understand your situation and provide the right wheelchair van solution. Once the right van solution is found, they will then move forward in helping you finding the right finance or lease option. We work with a number of lenders in Canada who each have unique lending solutions to those who qualify.

Wheelchair Lifts & Conversions, Flexible Flooring & Rentals Available

Mobility Services to help make your life easier & give you freedom.
Everyone's Needs Are Different.You may find yourself in a situation where you have a vehicle already and you need a specific conversion done to it. MoveMobility is able to offer several services: Lifts & Transfer Boards Rear Entry Conversion Side Entry Conversion Flexible Flooring Systems SureGrip Hand Controls Harmar Vehicle Lifts for wheelchairs & scooters Van Rentals Our service technicians are crossed trained to install anything from the hand controls to the flexible flooring systems. This ensures a quick timely installation for you in your vehicle. Call us today to request a quote or fill in the form on this page.

By requesting more information, I agree to future electronic communication from MoveMobility. I understand I can opt out at anytime. I spent two years shopping around looking for a wheelchair van for my son. When I was finally ready to commit to making a purchase, I got in [...]

New & Pre-Owned Wheelchair Vans

In-Stock & Customized Wheelchair Vans To Get You Moving
Schedule a Free Wheelchair Van Consultation Today!

Purchasing a wheelchair van is an important step, and we want to ensure that your choice of vehicle will work for you and meet your requirements. The most popular wheelchair van models are available and most can be converted into either a rear or side entry ramp.

If you have any questions regarding consumer or commercial wheelchair vans, pricing, conversion types, or financing and leasing options, submit the form below and one of our friendly consultants will be in touch with you shortly.

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