The Benefits Of A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle For Your Dog


Finding the perfect wheelchair accessible vehicle can be an overwhelming process. Here at Move Mobility, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect mobility vehicle for your specific needs. Whether you need a vehicle equipped with a rear entry or one featuring a side entry, we have the options you seek. Once we have helped you acquire the right wheelchair accessible vehicle in Winnipeg, our hope is that you will enjoy the freedom that vehicle provides you.

For many, service animals are a crucial part to enjoying that freedom. Whether you have a service animal that is critical to your day-to-day life, or you have a dog that is just part of your family, check out the benefits of a wheelchair accessible vehicle for your dog.

Improved Durability

Even the best trained dog will cause greater wear and tear upon a vehicle than humans alone. Their tough claws can handle walking across cement and pavement, but those claws also wear on upholstery over time. The beauty of a wheelchair accessible vehicle is that they feature durable materials. With tough flooring options, your wheelchair van will hold up to the foot traffic of your dog. Most wheelchair van flooring is created to be scuff free and designed to handle the wear and tear of your wheelchair. This means that your dog can climb in and out of the van, walk around, and stretch out without damaging the floor boards. This flooring style is also easier to clean, so even muddy paws are no need for concern.

Easier Entering & Exiting Capabilities

Wheelchair accessible vehicles feature ramps designed to make entering and exiting the van easier for you. The fringe benefit of this is that your dog will also enjoy the easier loading and unloading options. This will be particularly beneficial as your dog ages, making jumping in and out of a tall vehicle an increasing challenge.

Comfortable Space

Your dog might sit up in a chair like a human from time to time, but your furry pal also probably appreciates having room to stretch out. A wheelchair accessible vehicle can be designed with plenty of space for your four legged friend to stretch out to their heart’s content. This extra space also means you can bring along everything you need for your service animal without sacrificing your own comfort. Bring along towels, food dishes, a bag of treats, and your dog’s favorite pillow for longer trips.

Talk To Us Today About A Wheelchair Van For You And Your Dog

Whether you have a certified service animal or just a family pet that travels with you wherever you go, we can help you find the perfect wheelchair accessible vehicle for your needs. There are numerous designs for wheelchair vans, some featuring more floor space than others. We can guide you towards the vehicles that would best serve both you and your four legged friend. Our goal at Move Mobility is to provide you with a wheelchair accessible van that is customized to your specific needs. Enjoy the freedom of mobility with a wheelchair van designed to make your transport easier for you and your travel companion. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of wheelchair accessible vehicles in Winnipeg.


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