Commercial Wheelchair Vehicles

Full-Size Vans, Shuttle Buses, and Taxis

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles for Commercial Use

At MoveMobility, we understand that each organization has transportation needs that are unique to them, and that one size does not fit all. We provide many vehicle options to accommodate different capacities of wheelchair positions and ambulatory passengers. The full size vans and minivans are commonly used by taxi and transportation services, retirement homes, adult care communities, handi-transits and shuttles, as well as healthcare services in remote communities. Each of these vehicles are D409 compliant and suitable for commercial use. Contact us today to speak with our Mobility Consultants to review your requirements and find the mobility vehicle solution that suits your transportation needs!

Rear Entry Conversion – Dodge Grand Caravan

The Rear Entry Mobility Van offers care homes, taxis, and communities the perfect blend of function and affordability. This van is fully D409 compliant and suits transportation services looking to transport up to two wheelchairs or up to six ambulatory passengers. There are multiple seating options to accommodate additional passengers in flexible configurations.

Rear Entry Dodge Grand Caravan
Toyota Sienna for wheelchair accessible taxi use
Rear Entry Taxi Conversion – Toyota Sienna

The Rear Entry Toyota Sienna is the ideal solution for taxi and transport services. The short cut conversion allows the wheelchair to be positioned at the rear of the vehicle, with seating for up to five additional passengers. The Toyota Sienna is designed to stand up to the wear and tear of constant use.

Manual Side Entry Conversion – Dodge Grand Caravan

The Side Entry wheelchair accessible van provides the most maneuverability with removable front seats in most models. This allows for comfortable and spacious accommodation for the wheelchair. This vehicle configuration is great for transportation services needing a Side Entry vehicle which is fully compliant for commercial use.

BraunAbility Side Entry Dodge Grand Caravan
2018 Rear Lift Ram Promaster wheelchair van
Rear Lift Dodge Promaster – Full Size Wheelchair Accessible Van

The Rear Lift Dodge Promaster van is the most popular solution for remote communities, adult care homes, and transportation services looking to transport up to 10 passengers. Without requiring an additional driver qualifications, this vehicle provides unlimited flexibility in wheelchair and ambulatory seating positions.

Rear Lift Ford Transit – Full Size Wheelchair Accessible Van

The Ford Transit is an ideal vehicle for communities and transportation providers looking to have the seating capacity they need with a lower cost of ownership. The full size accessible vans are preferred over the traditional buses due to lower maintenance and operation time and costs. The Ford Transit is also now available in Four Wheel Drive, the ultimate vehicle for remote communities who need to overcome rough terrain and tough weather conditions!

Rear Lift Ford Transit Wheelchair Accessible JKA54352-1
Allstar Bus Wheelchair Accessibl
Allstar Shuttle Wheelchair Accessible Bus

The Allstar Shuttle bus is often the choice of handi-transit services who require more seating and wheelchair capacity. With many options for seating and customizable floorplans, the Allstar Shuttle bus provides a safe ride for both bus operators and passengers.

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