Dispelling the Myth: D409 Compliant Rear Entry Vehicles

Are Rear Entry Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles D409 Compliant?

In Canada, all commercial transportation vehicles must meet D409 compliance standards. These standards encompass the function and accessibility of the vehicle. There is a major misconception that Rear Entry vans are not D409 compliant.

We are often asked by transportation providers to help them understand which vehicles are D409 compliant. Purchasing an accessible vehicle is a large investment, and it is important that you are provided with all the facts. Understanding which vehicles meet Transport Canada’s requirements to be used for commercial transportation will help your organization make an informed decision, not only to provide safe transportation – a critical element of community participation for your passengers – but to also stay within your budget.

D409 Compliant Specifications

Did you know that Rear Entry Vehicles are D409 Compliant? The standard applies to the design and manufacturing of the vehicle, the lifts and ramps, wheelchair locations and securement, required safety equipment, and for passengers with mobility aids. All of MoveMobility’s commercial-use vehicles are D409 Compliant and meet all stringent safety and design regulations of transportation vehicles, set out by Transport Canada.

Information about D409 Standards

The following vehicles are D409 Compliant:

Commercial Rear Entry Dodge Grand Caravan: Click Here

Rear Accessible Dodge Promaster: Click Here

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