Emmitt is Off to Fort McKay, AB!

Paratransit Bus Delivery to Alberta

Fort McKay First Nation recently purchased a new Wheelchair Accessible Bus. They will benefit from greater capacity for transporting wheelchair and ambulatory passengers. We are pleased to provide the community with the mobility solution that fits their needs and increases the freedom for wheelchair passengers.

Is the Allstar Bus for you?

To learn more about the full size bus, which works well for communities who require a large vehicle for wheelchair and passenger transportation, learn more about the Allstar Bus here! Alternatively, a more fuel efficient and flexible option to the Allstar Bus is the Dodge Ram Promaster. This incredibly popular vehicle provides the flexibility in seating and wheelchair positions that every organization needs. If you think this might be the solution for your transportation needs, click here to learn more about the features!

Thank you to Fort McKay First Nation, and we look forward to working with them again!