Five Tips For Purchasing A Wheelchair Van


When it comes to purchasing a wheelchair van in Winnipeg, there are numerous factors to consider. Before you make your final decision, consider these helpful tips. Remember, here at MoveMobility we are passionate about helping you find your mobility, your way. We have years of experience with wheelchair accessible vans, and we put our knowledge to good use. We can help you whether you are purchasing new or pre-owned. Schedule an appointment with our team today and allow us to assist you finding the perfect wheelchair accessible van for your needs.



Step One: Determining Your Budget

Before you start perusing the wide array of wheelchair vans available on the market, take the time to create a set budget. It is better to know upfront what you can afford to spend on the vehicle, rather than to fall in love with a van you later realize you cannot afford. At MoveMobility we can work with a wide range of budgets. Knowing your budget will help you determine whether or not you spring for those upgraded features or not.

Step Two: Deciding Who The Driver Is

The next thing you need to determine is who the driver of the van will be. Is the wheelchair user the driver or will someone else be operating the vehicle? Wheelchair accessible vans are usually built to allow for the transportation of a wheelchair user, but not all wheelchair vans are designed for an adaptive driver. If you are looking for a wheelchair van that allows for an adaptive driver, you need to also determine if you prefer to drive the vehicle from your wheelchair or if you are looking for the ability to transfer into the driver’s seat.

Step Three: Detailing How Many People Will Be Transported In The Vehicle

Some wheelchair vans are designed for a small number of additional passengers, while others are created to transport multiple wheelchair users at once. Decide how many people you think you will be commonly transporting in the vehicle so you can narrow down the size of the vehicle you need to purchase. You should also know the weight and height of the wheelchair user, their wheelchair, and any other mobility equipment that will be used. This information can help determine what type of seating positions will be available and what type of maneuverability customization you need.

Step Four: Discussing Any Extra Features You Want

Another important thing to consider is what extra features you may want beyond the normal functionality of the wheelchair van. Do you want an improved sound system? How about a backup camera or navigation system? You can add a huge array of features to your wheelchair van, and adding these features up front is the most cost effective method. Make a list of any items you are considering enhancing your vehicle with and prioritize them. You might not be able to afford a DVD player for every passenger, but you could spring for a useful backup camera system.

Step Five: Schedule An Appointment With Our Team

Once you have a good idea of what you are looking for, schedule an appointment with our expert team. If you have further questions or you are uncertain about some of the above steps, don’t hesitate to reach out. We will be happy to help you find the perfect wheelchair van in Winnipeg for your specific needs. Our goal is for you to drive away satisfied with your purchase, and for you to continue to get good use out of your wheelchair van for many years to come. Find your mobility, your way with the team at MoveMobility. Fill out the form below to get started.

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