The wheels on the bus go round and round… so does the struggle for your customers to find a bus!

MoveMobility has the perfect solution for you & for your business endeavors

Have you considered extending your service offering to assist your community with the recent service changes to bus routes across Western Canada? It’s no secret that the loss of bus services has had significant impact for Canadians, and MoveMobility knows how to help fill the void. With vehicle options that can suit your customers needs, and your budget.

MoveMobility offers innovative commercial vehicles available for ambulatory passengers only or the vehicles can be easily converted to accommodate wheelchair passengers:

4×4 Rear Lift Ford Transits 

A full size passenger van. The van can transport up to 13 Passengers, including the driver. The 4×4 Rear Lift Ford Transit is an ideal solution for communities who travel on rough terrain, there are over 1000 possible seating configurations that can be accomplished in minutes, the seats easily click in and out, heavy-duty altro non-slip flooring, seating is available in a variety of styles and for more specification items:×4-rear-lift-ford-transit/

Rear-Lift Dodge ProMaster

Is a full-size passenger van that seats up to 10 occupants. Has remarkable traction control on ice and snow, easy on-board access for ambulatory clients to drive on board without risk, an in-floor AMF protektor restraint system, D409 equipment as standard, and for other appealing features:

Ford Transit Executive Shuttle

A 14 passenger van that meets the needs from increased ridership while maintaining the quality services your business provides. Passengers will have a more enjoyable ride, unlike traditional buses. Features a selection of luxury leather seating options, an electric step that automatically deploys when the sliding door opens and closes, and customizable flooring options. That’s not all! For more features:

Check out our other great vehicles:

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MoveMobility recognizes that the recent changes in West Canadian bus services has left many individuals looking for alternatives, so they can continue to enjoy travelling to visit their family and friends, and more importantly, continue to access medical facilities. Travel safety is as important to MoveMobility as is the care, attention to detail and dedication we take in designing, converting and selling our vehicles.

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