Hand Controls by SureGrip

Gain The Freedom You Want To Control Your Vehicle

Interested in Learning More About Hand Controls?

Hand controls by SureGrip offer best-in-class controls and features to adapt your vehicle to be operated with hand controls. With multiple options available for adaptive driving solutions, there are options to fit your specific needs for hand control driving. Our certified technicians can install a variety of controls into your vehicle giving you the comfort and control you need while driving.

Hand Control Products Available

  • Left Foot Accelerators and Guards
  • Steering Wheel Attachments
  • Option Operating Handles
  • Secondary Controls
  • and more

Featured Hand Controls

Nothing compares to the Push/Rock Left Hand – Hand Controls by SureGrip. This system is known for its comfort and the driver’s ability to drive for an extended period of time without fatigue.

All you need to do is pull back to accelerate and push the control forward to brake. SureGrip’s hand controls are well known for the easiest gas in the industry, and when traveling at high speeds, clear the legs or knees. The upright handle design allows for installation into smaller vehicles where other controls would not fit.

As well, the controls do not impede pedal use, which allows other drivers to operate the vehicle when AutoLock is engaged.

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