How to Use a Wheelchair Van Lift

how to use wheelchair van lift

How To Use a Wheelchair Van Lift

Lifts provide wheelchairs and scooters an easy way to enter and exit an accessible vehicle. Lifts are typically compatible with full size vans only. Understanding how to safely transport people in wheelchairs is an incredibly important process. But, with some planning and preparation, you can make it safer and easier for yourself and your clients.

It’s important to note that wheelchair lifts are not always “one size fits all.” A MoveMobility consultant can work with you to find the best lift for the wheelchairs that you transport. Wheelchair lifts are designed to be installed into a full size van for transportation providers or for a wider powered wheelchair.

Platform Lift

The platform lift is usually at the rear or side of an accessible vehicle and the lift is folded when the van is being driven. Platform lifts are offered in a solid platform to maintain strength and durability and to avert mechanical issues with moving parts.

Of Significant Note…

Each lift comes with an operator’s manual and it’s important to note the safety details on the lift.

“How-to List”:

  • To load a passenger onto the lift, you’ll need to have the platform (lift) on the ground, and the outer barrier fully extended and in place.
  • Do not operate with the platform load in excess weight of what the lift is designed for. MoveMobility provides 1000 lb. lifts as standard to meet every transportation provider’s needs.
  • The lift is designed to transport one wheelchair user or a single standee at a time.
  • Do not allow those to stand/walk on bridge plate when it’s unsupported.
  • Always return the lift to its upright stowed position when not in use.

Purchasing a Wheelchair Lift

Determining your clients’ mobility needs will help you decide what type of lift will be needed for a new accessible van. Contacting a Mobility Consultant will help you decide what kind of wheelchair lift is right for your organization and your passengers, to ensure travels are safe and comfortable. Call 888-657-4010 for information!

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