How To Winterize Your Accessible Vehicle

Emergency Kit. If you don’t have one, consider buying one! Stock up your vehicle with an ice scraper and jumper cables. Pack your trunk with a shovel, blanket, mitts, scarves, and extra clothing just in case the worst should ever happen. These are proven to be crucial for keeping you and your loved ones safe in case of an emergency this winter!

Scrape off your car before you leave. Winter is hard enough for driving as it is without the struggle of not being able to see! Even remove the snow on the top of your car and from your side mirrors!

Start your car 10 minutes before you leave. It’ll make your mornings and trips a lot warmer. These extra minutes are what helps your drive become easier!

Check your battery! We recommend having a mechanic run a test on your battery to determine if it needs replacing. Even if it doesn’t, the mechanic can clean off the corrosion they find on the posts and connections for you.

Consider buying a set of Winter Tires. Snow and black ice is treacherous even if you have FWD, you should swap your all-season tires out for snow tires to ensure safety. Snow tires have tread patterns that are specially designed to grip onto snow and ice, and provide more traction than the standard all-season tires.

Check your windshield mixture. Anti-freeze windshield wash is the best for removing snow and won’t freeze your front window during the winter. If you don’t have any, consider purchasing and leaving a couple jugs in your trunk.

Maintenance Appointment. Have a mechanic do a safety check on your vehicle to ensure you won’t be stranded out in the cold in the middle of nowhere… or missing any important family and friends’ events. The mechanic can check for any signs of belts snapping, brakes, etc.

Your mobility ramp should be lubricated and adjusted properly in the winter time. Make sure to check the doors, mechanisms, and the ramp assembly for any rust and corrosion. Snow, salt, sand, and ice can cause problems! Keeping your ramp clean and free of snow, will help prevent ice build up. If snow gets into your vehicle, it will melt and cause the rust and corrosion to occur.

Winter is here, but it can be a more enjoyable if you take the time to plan your routes!
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