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Have you considered extending your service offering to assist your community with the recent service changes to bus routes across Western Canada? It’s no secret that the loss of bus services has had significant impact for Canadians, and MoveMobility knows how to help fill the void. With vehicle options that can suit your customers needs, and your budget.

MoveMobility offers innovative commercial vehicles available for ambulatory passengers only or the vehicles can be easily converted to accommodate wheelchair passengers:

4×4 [...]

App attaches to your wheelchair and tracks accelerations, speed and incline. The sensors calculate additional muscle use when crossing different terrains. Healthcare professionals can manage data such as heart rate monitoring in addition with daily movement by the app communicating with the wearables


The app allows users to find accessible locations or to add their own worldwide. The app features pictures and a comment section. Need to plan a travel destination or socialize around the town? It’s getting much easier now for mobility individuals!


A great app that will let users locate everyday services such as parking spaces and public washrooms. It’s a time value app without the hassle of searching the internet to find a spot or phoning around the city.


Specifically designed to track wheelchair fitness activities and workouts. It’s capable of sensing all movements while you drive a wheelchair through a variety of workout environments. Speed and [...]

You Asked…..We Listened

Financing, Peace of Mind & Dedicated Consultant

We are passionate about helping Canadians find the best wheelchair accessible van solution. We know every persons’ needs are different, and through a focused and thoughtful approach we work with you to determine what solutions will work best for you based on your individual mobility needs, lifestyle, and budget.

The process of purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle is a major decision, and we are constantly looking for better ways of meeting your needs, based on the feedback we receive from our valued clients during the consultation process.

As part of our commitment to putting our customers needs first; we are thrilled to announce three new initiatives based on your feedback to provide financing solutions, bring you peace of mind, and simplify the buying process.

Canadian-made wheelchair accessible vans Happy Canada Day!

This blog post is dedicated to one of the best times of the year, Canada Day!  We live in such a beautiful and diverse country, and over the weekend we took time to celebrate it!

MoveMobility is a proudly Canadian owned and operated company. Our passion is helping Canadians from coast to coast find the best vehicle mobility solutions for their needs.

On Canada’s 151st Birthday, we recognize the increase in consumer preference for Canadian-made product. To do so, we are spotlighting our Rear Entry Dodge Grand Caravan. MoveMobility is proud to be Canada’s provider of this accessible van, which is a 100% Canadian-made product!

The chassis are manufactured in Windsor, ON, and the conversions are completed at either our Winnipeg or Mississauga plant. The Rear Entry Dodge [...]

What Happens When Shuttle Bus and Luxury Meet?

The MoveMobility Executive Shuttle
luxury shuttle bus What happens when Shuttle Bus and Luxury meet?

Its not often that “luxury” and “shuttle bus” are used together in the same sentence. When we think of a Shuttle Bus, terms like uncomfortable, dated, rough-ride and cramped come to mind. However, when we think of luxury, words such as comfortable, stylish, upscale and extravagant are often used. At MoveMobility, we felt it was time to introduce luxury to the Shuttle Bus and the result is a convenient, flexible solution that meets both commercial and consumer demands.

Introducing the Executive Shuttle!

The MoveMobility Executive Shuttle built on the Ford Transit chassis is designed for transportation providers who seek to raise the bar of client comfort. With its luxurious interior, sleek, and eye-catching design, it is sure to increase ridership and enhance the quality of service [...]

May is National Mobility Awareness Month

Shine the Spotlight on Increasing Independence

National mobility awareness month at movemobility


May is National Mobility Awareness Month. National Mobility Awareness Month shines the spotlight on the increased independence that can be achieved by those living with mobility issues. With the use of wheelchair accessible vehicles and adaptive mobility equipment, this is becoming a reality for many.

Mobility is at the heart of our company, and we are passionate about helping the estimated 2 million Canadians living with mobility-related disabilities realize increased independence. MoveMobility does this through the provision of adaptive vehicles that suit a wide variety of lifestyles, budgets, and personal preferences.

In the spirit of National Mobility Awareness Month, our team of Mobility experts welcome the opportunity to shine the spotlight on the increased independence that can be achieved with a custom vehicle modification solution, designed to best [...]

Variety’s 2018 Gold Heart Gala

MoveMobility was Provider of Surprise Vehicle for Bodman Family!

On Saturday, April 15th, 2018, Variety, the Children’s Charity of Manitoba hosted the Gold Heart Gala and celebrated its 40th Anniversary! The proceeds from the evening support programs and services in Manitoba that support children living with a disability. As part of the program, a selected family received a brand new Wheelchair Accessible Van! MoveMobility was the provider for the wheelchair accessible vehicle and our team enjoyed working with representatives Jeff and Amanda from Variety. MoveMobility’s Production Team worked hard to meet the requested deadlines, so that the van would be ready for the family to drive away the night of the Gala. MoveMobility also sponsored the event with a donation towards the cause.

The Surprise Vehicle

It was a complete surprise for the Bodman family when they were presented with a 2018 Rear Entry Dodge Grand Caravan! This vehicle has a manual rear ramp, which allows for easy access for their young daughter who uses [...]

MoveMobility Pays a Visit to Futuristic Industries after Humboldt Tragedy

Emmitt Well Received by Clients Affected by Tragedy
futuristic industries clients with emmitt movemobility mascot after humboldt tragedy
Visit to Futuristic Industries

It goes without saying that the Humboldt tragedy has affected many lives. After the horrific crash involving the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team, the clients at Futuristic Industries are feeling the loss as they often watched the team play in the past. Futuristic Industries is a member agency of the Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres (SARC), which works closely with MoveMobility. Learn more about SARC by clicking here!

Ken Cavenagh from MoveMobility drove to Humboldt to meet with the clients at Futuristic Industries. He presented them with Emmitt mascots and MoveMobility caps, which were well received by the clients and staff. The group thoroughly enjoyed the visit!

Thank you to Futuristic Industries for the opportunity to visit and brighten up the clients’ day! Check out some of our other recent news here!

Training Session with Little Grand Rapids First Nation

MoveMobility Provided a Training Session on Accessible Promaster

We were pleased to have a group of of Little Grand Rapids First Nation’s Health Workers come to our Head Offices in Winnipeg for a training session on the Rear Accessible Promaster today! After flying to Winnipeg on Thursday evening, they joined us first thing at MoveMobility to begin the session, which was conducted by Simon Jones.

Rear Ramp Training

During the training session, Simon instructed the group on the rear access for wheelchairs, wheelchair harness and securement, seat removal and installation, heat and air controls, and safety hazard awareness. The group received certificates showing they had undergone the training, as well as MoveMobility mugs and Emmitt, our moose mascot!

Read more about the Rear Ramp Promaster Van here!

Thank you to Robert C. Leveque, Naomi Moar, Clarence Keeper, and Ezra Owen for attending!

New Wheelchair Vehicle for LutherCare Communities!

Emmitt Delivering the New Promaster today!

The new Wheelchair Accessible Ram Promaster with a rear hydraulic lift from MoveMobility is being delivered today. We are happy to know this will increase the freedom of LutherCare Communities’ clients! As always, Emmitt is going along for the ride too.

Read more about the work that LutherCare Communities does on their website: http://luthercare.com/.

The Ram Promaster

The vehicle that suited the needs of the LutherCare Communities was the Ram Promaster with a Rear Hydraulic Lift. This allows for easy entry and exit of the vehicle for wheelchair passengers. With the flexible Auto-Floor system, seats can be removed and added as necessary, allowing you to transport up to 10 passengers. This vehicle is very popular and is the best solution for organizations looking to transport up to 10 passengers while being able to transport a number of wheelchairs.

Find out how this vehicle can work for you! Call us at 888-657-4010 OR click here for more [...]

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