Planning A Family Road Trip With Your Wheelchair Van


Winter driving is soon to be a frigid memory. As we say goodbye to snowy roads and slushy sidewalks, it’s time to get excited about the warmer months ahead. Now is the perfect time to start planning a family road trip. Our passion at Move Mobility is to help provide the freedom of mobility to those who need uniquely designed wheelchair accessible vans. Nothing brings us greater joy than hearing stories about families using their new wheelchair van for grand road tripping adventures. If you and your loved ones are ready to gear up for a summer trip, check out these tips. Remember, we are dedicated to helping our clients find the perfect wheelchair van. Visit Winnipeg and meet with our friendly staff to learn more, or feel free to reach out online to discuss your ideal wheelchair accessible van.

Create A Plan Before You Go

While spontaneity is a fantastic part of a fun-filled trip, some preparation should be handled before you hit the road. If you are traveling with family, make sure you have accommodations set up that will meet everyone’s needs. Call ahead to any hotels to ensure they have a room designed to be wheelchair accessible. Not only do you want to make sure you have a room that will meet your specific needs, you want to plan ahead to ensure there is enough space for your whole family to be comfortable. Nothing is worse than arriving to a hotel and inquiring about rooms available only to find out they have a wheelchair accessible room available, but not enough beds to accommodate the whole gang.

Not only do you want to plan out where you will be staying, it doesn’t hurt to do some research ahead of time to make sure everyone can access the sights you want to see. There are plenty of excellent resources online for finding wheelchair accessible tourist attractions. Wheelchair Traveling is an excellent website for researching different locations across North America that offer wheelchair accessible attractions. British Columbia provides a section of their website dedicated to providing wheelchair accessible options. Make a list of all the places you and your family want to see the most and then prioritize it from most important to least. This way, even if you run out of time, you can be sure to take in the sights you were most looking forward to.

Make Sure Your Wheelchair Van Is Ready To Travel

Before you hit the road with your maps, reservation confirmations, and excitement, be sure your wheelchair van is ready for the trip. Remember, when you take a road trip you will be packing more weight than normal into your vehicle. It is important that you have everything checked over, particularly safety features like brakes, windshield wipers, and strap downs.

Take your wheelchair van into the shop for an oil change and to have everything checked over. Even if your van is running smoothly, it will not hurt to have the extra confidence that your vehicle is prepared for the trip ahead.

Visiting Winnipeg? Talk To Us About Rentals

At Move Mobility, not only do we offer the sale of wheelchair vans in Winnipeg, we also provide wheelchair accessible vehicle rentals. We offer daily, weekly, or even monthly rentals. If you are interested in a rental, please contact us right away as rentals fill up fast. Most of our rental vehicles have capacity for up to five passengers plus a wheelchair.

Fill out the form below to learn more about purchasing a wheelchair van in Winnipeg or to ask us more about our rental options. We look forward to assisting you.

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