Rear Entry Dodge Grand Caravan
Canada's Favourite Accessible Family Van

The Rear Entry Dodge Grand Caravan is an affordable wheelchair van option for families who need passenger and wheelchair flexibility. With different passenger seating options, the Rear Entry conversion provides easy access for wheelchair passengers and caregivers. This vehicle is recommended for families and individuals who travel with a caregiver.

Users enjoy the flexibility of transporting one or two wheelchairs. With Flip & Fold seating, users can configure the van seating as required. The van’s manual transit-grade bi-fold ramp is easy to operate with minimum physical effort. With durable, wipe-clean sidewalls, families can enjoy a low-maintenance van interior.

Simple, Cost-Effective Rear Entry Van Conversion

The Dodge Grand Caravan offers unbeatable value and flexibility with the Rear Entry conversion. Families and individuals can travel with peace of mind that the Rear Entry conversion is safe and certified by CMVSS.

Spring-Assisted Ramp

The manual Rear Entry ramp is spring-assisted to reduce physical strain. The Dodge Grand Caravan's factory-original ride quality is maintained during the conversion.

Low Maintenance

With no electrical components or cables to fray or break, the Rear Entry conversion requires minimal maintenance. Commercial-grade flooring and ramp coating provide durability and traction for wheelchairs and ambulatory passengers.


Fixed or Flip & Fold seating provides the option to transport up to two wheelchairs, up to 6 ambulatory passengers, or a combination of both. An optional rear folding bench is available.

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