Reasons to Purchase Your Accessible Vehicle from a Mobility Expert


MoveMobility has over 15 years of experience customizing wheelchair accessible vans for community transportation providers and families, and while we work hard to earn your business, we understand that there are other options, you may wish to explore. We wanted to share with you our top tips about buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Tip #1: Mobility Expert

A Mobility Vehicle Specialist should be your first stop when purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle; they are well-versed in purpose-built accessible vehicles designed to best suit your needs.

A certified mobility dealer should be your first stop in the buying process. The conversion company is knowledgeable about what’s required to meet your specific needs. We are ready to assist you and evaluate your needs based on your situation.

Tip #2: Buying a Modified Vehicle Compared to Modifying a Vehicle

MoveMobility is certified in converting vehicles to be wheelchair accessible. While your local salesperson might know everything there is to know about fixing a motor, a certified mobility expert has the specific training and certification to prove their knowledge of what wheelchair accessible vehicle conversion is recommended for your community, company or family.

An accessible vehicle conversion is a complicated process with a significant financial commitment. You want to make sure you are working with a reliable mobility and capable mobility expert, who is able to provide you with all the information and options you need.

Mobility Vehicle Specialists have the training for conducting a needs’ analysis and evaluating these needs that may result over time, to ensure the accessible vehicle you want is the one that’s best suited for you and your passengers. MoveMobility is not a dealership, this means that we do not just sell you a vehicle, we work with you to find the vehicle that meets the requirements for your overall transportation service and budget.

MoveMobility has a team of dedicated experts to help you know what modification will work best for your vehicle’s make and model you are interested in. Before you purchase a vehicle, we highly recommend you visit or call our mobility experts to ensure the mobility modification you need will work with the vehicle you want.

Typically, mainstream dealerships purchase already converted vehicles. Therefore, if the conversions are completed by third-party companies, any modifications you want in the future are going to be difficult to make if not directly performed by a mobility vehicle specialist.

Tip #3: Can I Buy my Accessible Vehicle from Another Province?

The short answer is yes. MoveMobility makes buying an accessible vehicle easy. Where applicable, provincial tax is charged according to your own province. Buying and selling a vehicle in Canada are the responsibility of the province, as each province has its own standards and requirements. For example, if you live in Alberta, you will pay the federal GST rate on the purchase price of a vehicle. You can purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle anywhere in Canada, but you must register it in the province in which you reside. It is legally acceptable to purchase an accessible vehicle outside of your province with a company that is certified to do so by Transport Canada.

The Following Steps are met by MoveMobility:

  • Photo of the vehicle you are purchasing, and car proof are provided
  • Customer completes and signs a vehicle registration form
  • You will receive a valid Certificate of Inspection (COI), and Transfer of Ownership Document (TOD), and non-commercial vehicles will receive the New Vehicle Information Statement
  • If purchasing a pre-owned vehicle from another province, you may require an out of province inspection to ensure it meets the requirements of your residing province

MoveMobility advises you to check with your local Motor Vehicle Industry Council in your province to safe guard yourself and to ensure that your dealer or mobility company are in good standing and fully licenced.

MoveMobility has been regularly shipping accessible vehicles from our office locations, Winnipeg and Mississauga, for over a decade and we are fully certified with Transport Canada: CMVSS (Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards). We accommodate requests to ship across Canada for a nominal fee. We will provide you with the information that you need in order for you to make a well-informed decision.

Important Information

Funding Assistance, Financing, Leasing & Warranty

A Mobility Specialist will be able to provide you with important information for funding assistance, financing or leasing options, and warranty information that are available in Canada. MoveMobility has on-hand the funding programs that you could qualify in your location.

Contact a Mobility Consultant

MoveMobility’s Mobility Consultant will work with you to find the best solution for your immediate and future needs, contact us today on how we can ship the vehicle you’re interested in, by calling 888-657-4010!

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