4 Myths About Buying A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Online

5 myths about buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle online

Dispelling 4 Myths About Buying A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Online

Have you ever bought something online before and were not quite sure what you were going to receive? Maybe it was something from Amazon, or maybe it was something from a small website. What about something like a wheelchair accessible vehicle? Have you ever made a large purchase like that before online? The traditional process for this type of purchase usually involves the ritual of going down to the dealer, playing their games and hopefully walking away with a wheelchair accessible vehicle that you didn’t get taken for too badly.

As a Winnipeg wheelchair accessible vehicle dealer and manufacturer, our customers often wonder the same things about us plus the idea of buying a vehicle online. They wonder is this company for real? Am I really going to get the best price and service? Is what I am buying actually what I am getting and so on?

Well, first things first, we are a dealer as well as manufacturer which makes us unique compared to other mobility vehicle dealers in Canada. MoveMobility has been approved by Transport Canada to make modifications to vehicles as well are a member of NMEDA. Secondly, we have two locations in Canada. The first is in Winnipeg, Manitoba and the second is in Mississauga, Ontario. We work with clients right across the country on a daily basis. They come to us looking for help in finding the right wheelchair accessible vehicle to meet their needs (not ours.) It could be a First Nation up in the north east corner of Nova Scotia looking for a full-size wheelchair accessible bus or it could be someone right in Winnipeg, three streets over, looking to buy a wheelchair van for their son who is in a wheelchair. No matter who our client is we provide high-quality help finding the right wheelchair accessible vehicle in Winnipeg and across the country. Ready to move forward? Contact our team! Or read on to learn more about buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle online.


Myth #1 – Buying from someone other than a local dealer is more expensive

There is a common belief that if you are not buying from a local dealer in your city, this is going to be a more expensive option.

wheelchair accessible vehicle

Buying from us is not going to necessarily be more expensive than buying locally. It’s also important to note when comparing prices, you are doing an apples to apples comparison on your wheelchair accessible vehicle purchase. There is nothing worse than going with the cheaper option only to realize it doesn’t have the features you need.


Myth #2 – No or less financial help

There is a belief that if you are dealing with somebody who is not in your province or territory, they won’t be knowledgeable about any of the financial help that is available or have options to help you pay for your wheelchair van or wheelchair accessible vehicle.

wheelchair accessible vehicle

This myth is pretty easy to bust. There are several programs available at a provincial or national level. Some of the national programs have provincial chapters and we are able to help you find them. Also, we offer financing and lease options which is not common for wheelchair accessible vehicle dealers to have. We know everyone has different needs, budgets, and timelines so we want to make sure you have access to what you need to get your vehicle.


Myth #3 – You don’t know what you are getting until you receive it

This is the old caveat emptor or buyer beware!

This is the threat of the bait and switch tactic which we have all heard about. You come to an agreement with the dealer on which wheelchair accessible vehicle you were going to buy and when it shows up, it is completely different than what you thought it was going to be.

wheelchair accessible vehicle

Any reputable mobility vehicle dealer is going to make sure you know exactly what you are buying prior to you agreeing to the deal. At MoveMobility, we will make sure you have seen pictures, will send you a video tour and if requested will also pull the Car Fax report on the wheelchair accessible vehicle so you know it’s history. We also have customer testimonials throughout our site and can also put you in contact with our customers to discuss their experience.


Myth #4 – No after sale assistance

The last myth we come up against is there will be no after sales service provided since we are not available locally.

wheelchair accessible vehicle

A reputable dealer will have structures in place to service the wheelchair accessible vehicle they sold to someone. At MoveMobilty, we know how important it is your wheelchair accessible vehicle works properly.we work with the brand dealers right across the country to address any service concerns with the vehicle’s chassis and with other mobility dealers with service centres. In some situations, we will even bring the vehicle back to our service centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba to address any problems.



These four myths about buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle online can be busted pretty easily. It is important to do your homework about the wheelchair accessible vehicle dealer you are thinking you are buying from and don’t be afraid to ask them questions. If they are a good dealer, they will give you the answers you need. Talk to us today. We are a reputable Winnipeg wheelchair accessible vehicle dealer, serving communities across the country.


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