5 Reasons to Not Wait to Order Accessible Vehicles [2022]

After a long Canadian winter, you may have decided that your organization's accessible vehicle had its last winter on the road.

After a long and tough Canadian winter (2021-2022), summer has arrived. Winter is the last thing we want to think about while enjoying the outdoors. You likely aren’t planning to order accessible vehicles, either.

However, if you decided that your organization’s accessible vehicle has had its last winter on the road, there are 5 reasons why you should not wait to start the replacement process.

Replacing a wheelchair accessible van can be a lengthy process, especially if you are not sure where to start. Let’s review 5 reasons why you shouldn’t delay, given the current economic climate.

Wheelchair Van Maintenance and Repairs

Parts and labour for vehicle maintenance are on the rise. Repair costs are also increasing as labour costs increase. These costs are up approximately 13% since 2020 and they continue to climb. A new vehicle with warranty can help you eliminate most parts and labour costs associated with maintaining an accessible van.

If replacing your aging vehicle isn’t an option and your vehicle’s warranty has expired, you may want to look into any issues that may arise with your current vehicle. This may help you prevent unexpected repair bills.

Fuel Costs

With fuel costs jumping 50% since 2021, you may find your older accessible vans costing you more to run than newer vans. Recent advances have made new accessible vans much more fuel efficient than their older counterparts.


While it’s true that new vehicles start depreciating as soon as they are sold, the rate that they depreciate has reduced significantly since 2020. This means that a new accessible van holds its value longer, which is great if you are leasing or when it comes time to sell.

Financing/Leasing Accessible Vans

With interest rates increasing, putting off a vehicle lease may cost you more in the long run. Commercial wheelchair van leasing is a great option for organizations that do not have the upfront budget to purchase an accessible van. It allows you to lease the vehicle through monthly payments if capital budgets are tight.

Customize to Fit Your Programs

A new vehicle with flexible floorplans can save you time and money. By being able to change seat and wheelchair layouts on the go, you can set up your van to best suit each trip. Read more about flexible seating with AutoFloor here.

In recent months, many organizations have chosen to order accessible vehicles such as the P Series vans, particularly because you can combine the flexibility and cost savings in one van without having to compromise comfort.

If your organization needs to consider new accessible vans before winter, now is the time to start. Request more information using the button below, and we’ll guide you through the process of finding the right accessible vans for your program.


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