5 Simple Hacks To Keep Your Mobility Van Clean

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How to Keep Mobility Vans Clean?

Do you remember the feeling of buying your new mobility van?

That feeling of being proud of your purchase. You babied the new wheelchair accesible van everywhere you went, picked up every speck of lint or dust you saw, all drinks and food had to be eaten outside the vehicle and you practically tucked your mobility van into bed each night with a blanket and bedtime story. It was your baby…

Fast forward a few months or years and the picture looks a bit different now. Life has become busy. Maybe you’re driving your kids to and from soccer practice and friends places, transporting clients around or shuttling new people each day to their destinations. There are coffee stains in the carpet, garbage strewn about the van, sticky goo from lattes spilling over into the cup holders, dog hair is everywhere you look and the once perfectly organized trunk has now become a desolate wasteland of old grocery bags, Tim’s cups and sand from last year’s trips to the beach…

You remember the days of the once perfectly clean van that was such a pleasure to drive but with everything going on in life, you don’t have the time to restore the van back to its former glory.

Good news…you can perform these hacks to get things back on track and make driving in your mobility van fun again! You can go a step further than just shaking out your mats and doing your bi-annual cleanout to keep your mobility van clean.Follow these five simple hacks to get organized and keep your vehicle looking nice.

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#1 – Use a cereal dispenser to be your trash can or keep empty plastic bags stuffed in an empty kleenex box

Strewn about garbage is probably the worst thing when it comes to your vehicle. It is just slightly worse than dog hair everywhere. Garbage thrown everywhere makes the vehicle look dingy and dirty. The best thing to do is grab a plastic garbage bag, clean up the mess you have and use an empty cereal dispenser to act as your waste basket. You can go the extra step and use an empty kleenex box to keep extra garbage bags in inside your wheelchair van. When the bag gets full, empty it out at home or the next time you fill up for fuel.

#2 – Organize oil and all your other fluids using a shower caddy in your trunk

This trick comes from The Krazy Coupon Lady. Keeping your trunk properly organized goes a long way, especially if you have a rear entry van. You want to keep the entrance way clear and not worry about clutter getting in the way. Using a shower caddy will help you keep your oil, windshield washer fluid and anything else you haul around.

#3 – Keep a microfibre cloth and sponge brush in the van to wipe off dust and clean vents

This is a pretty easy hack to keep your mobility van looking clean. Keep a microfibre cloth and sponge paint brush in the glove compartment. Take it as you need it to give everything a wipe down as it needs it. If you don’t have a microfibre cloth, coffee filters work just as well to keep the dust away.

#4 – Keep silicone muffin liners in the cup holders to catch any spills or crumbs

If you are like me, you want to open your Tim’s cup as soon as you get it to start cooling off. The downside is as soon as you leave the parking lot and hit a bump, the coffee goes flying out of the cup and forms a small lake inside your cup holder. Life gets busy and you forget to wipe it up right away. Over time, you get a nice sticky brown ring in your cupholder from all the spilled coffee. Make your life easy by keeping silicone muffin liners in your cupholders. This way, next time your coffee spills, it flies into the liner instead of the cup holder making for easy cleanup.

#5 – Keep a lint brush in the glove compartment to quickly and easily remove pet hair from seats and carpets

Do you have a pet that likes to ride around with you in your wheelchair van? Do they track their hair or fur everywhere? Or do you have kids who like to eat snacks that make lots of crumbs? If so, you will like this hack.Keeping a lint brush in the glove compartment will give you a quick and easy way to clean up hair, crumbs, and anything else that can stick to a lint brush. It will help keep your seats looking clean and the next time the boss goes for a ride in the van, you won’t have to worry about her being covered in your St. Bernard’s hair.

Bonus: Create backseat pockets using a shoe organizer

I saved this one as a bonus as I thought this was a pretty cool hack. This works really well for families with small kids or if you need to keep a lot of things organized and at your fingertips at any given time. Take a shoe organizer and hang it over the back of the front passenger seat. Use the shoe compartments to store commonly needed items like pens, books, water bottles and so on.


There are many other great hacks to keep your mobility van looking clean. Most of these hacks can be implemented for just a few dollars or less. Using these five hacks will help you keep your van in good shape, last longer and not feeling like a garbage dump. It will help you feel great knowing your vehicle is nice and clean again and will make the ride more comfortable for your passengers.

What do you find works well to keep your mobility van clean? Leave a comment below with the hacks you find work best for you.

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