Top 9 Reasons To Buy A 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan is now available.


2016 Dodge Grand Caravan
2016 Dodge Grand Caravan. Image Credit

The 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan is now available in Canada. The van has been on the road now for the past couple of months and is just as nice as the 2015 models. Dodge didn’t make any major changes to the 2016’s. The design has kept fairly consistent since the van’s revamp in 2010. The interior changed in 2011 where Dodge increased the appearance of quality in the interior trim.

After doing some research and reading a variety of automotive review websites like and, these are the top 9 reasons why people choose the Dodge Grand Caravan over other vans like the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna.

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1) Powerful V-6 Engine

Dodge uses their 3.6L V-6 Pentastar 283 HP engine in the Grand Caravan. This engine definitely has a lot of pickup and can come up to speed rather quickly. This engine is also used in Dodge’s Ram Promaster.

2) Available Trim Levels

Dodge has done a fantastic job at making the wheelchair van available with a variety of trim levels. This has allowed the van to be one of the lowest priced vans on the market. It also allows Dodge to compete with other automakers like Toyota, Honda and offers a nice Dodge alternative to the Chrysler Town & Country (it’s twin.)

3) Good Visibility

The Dodge Grand Caravan’s boxy design allows for good sight lines while driving. As well, in some of the upper models of the van, a rear view backup camera is available. The backup camera makes backing into a spot or connecting a trailer a lot simpler.

4) Great Entertainment Features

The Dodge Grand Caravan allows for several entertainment features to be added. I would classify this from anything from Bluetooth hands-free for driving to having a DVD player. Features like this make traveling on long road trips more comfortable.

5) Plenty of Room

Plenty of room is available in the Dodge Grand Caravan. In the wheelchair accessible van conversion model for both side and rear entry, room is still there for those not in a wheelchair. In a rear entry van, there are two seating configurations for the middle row either using flip and fold seats for more legroom or permanently fixed seats for younger children. As well, an optional 3rd row flip and fold seat provides additional seating.

6) Blacktop & R/T Package

The Grand Caravan comes with two unique trim packages, the Blacktop and R/T package. The Blacktop version is a more aggressive trim level while the R/T provides a nice sporty look and options. The Blacktop model features blacked out headlights and black cross trim on the front. It comes with a set of sporty wheels and black cloth interior seats. The R/T level is the top level of Grand Caravan while the Blacktop comes in between the Crew and SXT.

7) Safety, Safety, Safety

The van comes with plenty of airbags and available backup camera. Electronic stability control comes standard on the van. The van also offers blind spot monitoring while on the highway.

8) Extra Features to Make Your Life Easy

On the higher levels of trim, the Grand Caravan comes with optional power sliding doors and rear hatch. These features make hauling kids in and out or grocery bags from the back a lot easier. When loading someone with a wheelchair in a rear entry conversion, it is nice to have the power gate to start opening while you are 10 feet away.

9) The Most Popular Van To Convert

When it comes to converting vans for wheelchair entry, the three major brands Dodge/Chrysler, Honda and Toyota are what is available. The Dodge Grand Caravan offers the most versatility for conversion. The Caravan is available in the following conversions: rear entry short and long cut, manual and power side entry.


The Dodge Grand Caravan offers the most versatility in wheelchair vans available on the market today. As well, with it’s multiple price points and trim levels, a 30 year track record in Canada and great value, it is the best van on the market right now.

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