Review of the 2015 VMI Side Entry Toyota Sienna

Northstar E Side Entry Toyota Sienna
Northstar E Side Entry Toyota Sienna

The Van

If you are looking for a wheelchair van with style, class and comfort, look no further than the 2015 VMI side entry Toyota Sienna. According to, the Toyota Sienna is in the top three best minivans in Canada. The Sienna is rated #2 just below the Honda Odyssey and is followed by Dodge’s Grand Caravan. The van comes standard with several features such as Bluetooth capability, cruise control, air conditioning, a backup camera, power windows & locks as well as Toyota’s Star Safety System.

For power, the van comes with a 3.5L V6 266 horse power engine and standard seating for seven with the option of eight seats. Please keep in mind, in a wheelchair configuration for either side entry or rear entry, the seating capacity does change. The van offers 13L/100km for city driving and 9.5L/100 km on the highway. Overall, the Toyota Sienna offers a nice, quiet, comfortable ride and handles nicely.

VMI Side Entry Toyota Sienna Conversion

The side entry Toyota Sienna is made by Vantage Mobility in Phoenix, AZ. There are three side entry conversion options available. The first is VMI’s Northstar E conversion. This is a manual slide out ramp. The ramp comes from in the floor which offers optimal room inside the cabin. The extra room allows for the wheelchair to easily maneuver. The benefit to the manual ramp is little maintenance is required.

The second option for their side entry is the Northstar conversion. This conversion is designed for those who are looking for an in-floor power option. With the touch of a button, the side door opens and the in-floor ramp is deployed. Drivers can maneuver themselves into the driver’s seat and use hand controls to drive.

Both Northstar wheelchair conversions offer the industry’s best headroom. The van uses a 14.9″ dropped floor. As well, the van has the maximum door height available for all minivans. The side entry Toyota Sienna offers the most turn around room due to a 12″ longer floor.

To view the video on the Northstar conversion, click here.

side entry Toyota Sienna interior
Side Entry Toyota Sienna Interior

The last side entry Toyota Sienna option is the Summit conversion. This is a power conversion offered using a bi-fold ramp. This option is priced less than the power in-floor ramp. The ramp stays inside the cabin. The downside to this conversion is the ramp does take up some interior space. However, in certain applications like driving on heavy gravel roads, this type of conversion may be beneficial.


Vantage Mobility offers a 120-degree power transfer seat for all its side entry conversions. This option allows for simpler and safer transfer from a wheelchair to the driver or passenger seat. As well, vehicles can have their Durafloor added. This floor provides non-slip flooring for excellent traction and reduces road noise. In the harsher northern Canadian climates, flooring like this is a definite benefit. Lastly, Step Flares which is usually an option come standard on the side entry Toyota Sienna conversion. This allows for safer and easier entry/exit for those in seating positions.


The side entry Toyota Sienna conversion from VMI is a fantastic side entry option. Our clients who have gone with this option have been extremely happy and comfortable. To learn more about this wheelchair conversion, please click here.

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