Review of the Amerivan Conversion

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3 Conversion Options For The Amerivan

Do you find yourself needing a side entry wheelchair van that won’t break the bank?

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Who is El Dorado Mobility?

El Dorado Mobility is located in the United States and they are the makers of the Amerivan. They started making the wheelchair van in the early 2000’s when they acquired the mobility van division from Ricon Corporation. El Dorado moved operations from Ricon’s offices in California to their 250,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility in Salina, Kansas. Prior to the acquisition, El Dorado had made a name for themselves manufacturing commercial buses. El Dorado continues to make commercial buses and the Amerivan together in the same plant which allows for increased efficiencies and distribution.

What are the Amerivan conversion types offered?

All of Amerivan’s conversions are compatible with the Chrysler, Dodge and Toyota platforms and have their retail, commercial and rear entry available for all three brands.

Conversion #1 – Amerivan

The Amerivan conversion was designed specifically for the retail market. The lowered-floor minivan uses a stainless steel floor which is unique to El Dorado Mobility. The floor is available in two different heights. The first is the 10″ Amerivan and the second is the 14″ Amerivan Classic. By pushing a button, the wheelchair van kneels and the aluminum bi-fold ramp is deployed making for effortless exit and entry into the van. The ramp comes standard with the widest ramp (31″) and door opening (33″) in the industry, allowing ease of entry and exit.

The wheelchair van offers greater visibility adding to ride comfort for both driver and passengers. As well the van has a deeper “firewall cut” adding more space for wheelchair footrests. Up in front of the cabin, the driver area contains easily accessible ramp and kneeling controls. The van uses the Q’Straint system for securing the wheelchair either in the mid or front row. As well, the van offers removable driver and passenger seats to allow for the individual in the wheelchair to sit up front. In the back, the rear bench has been lowered which allows for better passenger comfort.

On the exterior of the vehicle, classy ground effects cover the vehicle to maintain the factory look and clean appearance. Amerivan provides optional LED lighting at the driver and passenger side. This help provide additional safety and convenience.

The conversion has been crash tested and meets or exceeds all applicable US and Canadian vehicle safety standards (FMVSS/CMVSS.)


Conversion #2 – Amerivan PT

El Dorado Mobility prides itself in the Amerivan PT conversion. The conversion is promoted as an economical, sturdy commercial version of the Amerivan. The PT conversion offers all the same features as the Amerivan conversion but includes the additions necessary for commercial use. In Canada, this wheelchair accessible van meets all D409 requirements.

The front passenger seat includes a “Quick Release” mechanism to easily remove the front seat, an optional fold-down middle seat and enhanced rear seat capacity for optimum passenger load. The ramp is a manual fold out ramp and uses a swing-out gate to provide quick and clear access for all passengers. The key feature with this conversion is it offers greater storage capacity.


Conversion #3 – Amerivan RL

The last conversion offered is the Amerivan RL rear entry conversion. This conversion uses a sturdy aluminum manual fold-out ramp rated to hold up to 1,000 lbs. Inside the wheelchair van, the Q’Straint tie-down system is used to provide security and safety for the individual in the wheelchair. The floor pan inside the wheelchair accessible vehicle is wider allowing for greater access and comfort. The conversion offers the option of up to two wheelchairs being transported in the van. MoveMobility offers its own rear entry conversion for the Dodge and Chrysler platforms.

The Toyota conversion is a great option for individuals looking for a stylish, quality wheelchair van. The ramp is spring assisted which makes it easier to open and close. Van seating includes foldable seats allowing for up to four passengers plus two wheelchair or six passengers without wheelchairs. As well, the Toyota can be used in the commercial market as it meets D409 compliance.



The Amerivan van conversion from El Dorado Mobility is a flexible, affordable option for side entry vans. The Toyota conversion offers luxury and comfort for those interested in a rear entry van that is not a domestic vehicle.

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