Dodge Side Entry Conversion

Options for Converting a Dodge Minivan for wheelchair Access

There are many options to choose from when considering a side entry wheelchair Dodge minivan. Options include in-floor or fold-out ramps, with the option of power or manual operation. Regardless of whether the wheelchair user will be accompanied by an attendant or whether he or she needs to drive the vehicle, MoveMobility provides a solution for every need.

side entry van for wheelchairs via a ramp and sliding door conversion alteration access

Power In-Floor Ramp

The power in-floor ramp conversion allows for the entry door to be free from obstruction and an uncluttered interior, maximizing interior space. With the touch of a button, the in-floor ramp deploys, allowing the wheelchair user to easily enter and exit the van. This conversion is strongly recommended for individuals in a wheelchair who would like to drive the vehicle.

handi access van side entry converted new or used rent or buy

Manual In-Floor Ramp

The manual in-floor ramp conversion is perfect for wheelchair users who travel with an attendant. The front passenger seat is removable and flexible seating options are available. Scraping is minimized with the conversion’s high ground clearance.

wheelchair accessible van dodge converted ramp side entry

Power Foldout Ramp

The power foldout ramp conversion is highly functional and easy to use. With the touch of a button, the bi-fold ramp unfolds and lowers to the ground. With a spacious interior and flexible seating options, this affordable vehicle is a great solution.

side entry sliding door wheelchair access converted for entry with a ramp

Manual Foldout Ramp

The manual fold-out ramp conversion is an ideal solution for wheelchair users who travel with a companion. It is a budget-friendly option and there are no concerns for electrical outages or wires near the entry door.

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