Dispelling the Myth: D409 Compliant Rear Entry Vehicles

Are Rear Entry Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles D409 Compliant? In Canada, all commercial transportation vehicles must meet D409 compliance standards. These standards encompass the function and accessibility of the vehicle. There is a major misconception that Rear Entry vans are not D409 compliant. We are often asked by transportation providers to help them understand which vehicles are D409 compliant. Purchasing an … Read More

Herbert Group Home, Here We Come!

The new Wheelchair Accessible Ram Promaster with a rear hydraulic lift from MoveMobility is being delivered today. We are happy to know this will increase the freedom of Herbert Group Home’s clients! As always, Emmitt is going along for the ride too. The Ram Promaster The vehicle that suited the needs of the Herbert Group Home was the Ram Promaster … Read More