P Series Wheelchair-Accessible Vans
P Series wheelchair-accessible vans are a lineup of full-size van conversions that provide barrier-free access to passengers of all mobility levels. Manufactured to heavy-duty standards the P Series is still both quiet and smooth giving passengers a comfortable ride. For additional safety, there is a self-tensioning system for the 4-point wheelchair restraint kit.
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T Series Wheelchair-Accessible Vans
The T Series wheelchair-accessible vans are an economical and flexible option with removable Autofloor seats which means you can configure your van for all your passenger needs and not leave anyone behind. The easy-to-remove seats on and compatible wheelchair restraints keep your passengers feeling safe and comfortable.
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M Series Vans
The M Series vans are three distinct non-emergency mobile medical vehicles intended for a wide variety of applications such as overdose prevention, harm reduction, mobile health, mental health, addictions, and referral services. The vans provide a safe and clean space for mobile treatments and transportation, a mobile clinic bringing a doctor right to the community, and office space for mobile outreach teams for any location.
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MoveMobility manufactures innovative Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and Mobile Medical Vans

Find the right vehicle for your organization that provides the flexibility, efficiency, and long term cost savings you need.

The Ultimate Upgrade

Available on P3, P4, P5, and P6 Side Entry models.

The Ultimate upgrade is an enhanced model of the P Series conversion, for agencies that need the best access and usability for municipal transit. This conversion features an ultra low ramp angle with lowering suspension, giving a nearly flat ramp entrance. 

The Ultimate conversion opens more space inside the vehicle for better wheelchair turning and maneuverability. Securing wheelchairs in position is easier with more space for loading and unloading.

Thoughtfully designed grab handles located on the ramp and doors give your passengers more freedom and independence.

MoveMobility Demo Tour Van

The Great Canadian Tour

Starting October MoveMobility will be taking the Mobile Clinic Van on the road. You can register your interest in your province using the link below.