Alberto Dallari

Bryn Jones

I purchased a new 2018 VMI Toyota Sienna from MoveMobility located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My name is Alberto, I am from Brandon, Manitoba. Brandon is over two hours drive from Winnipeg, but it was worth it to come to MoveMobility in Winnipeg!! It was the best choice I ever made to come to MoveMobility! Everyone at MoveMobility was very professional, fair, and very kind, right from my Salesman (Simon Jones), the secretaries, receptionist, and service manager (Ben Jones), and last but certainly not least (Carrie McDonald). Everyone was amazing! I definitely recommend MoveMobility to anyone in need of a mobility vehicle! For me, MoveMobility will be the only place I will ever go for all my mobility needs! It does not matter to me how far I will have to drive to get to MoveMobility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I will only go there from now on!! Thanks again everyone at MoveMobility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.