Tips for Renting a Wheelchair Van

Tips for Renting a Wheelchair Van

When would I rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle? A wheelchair accessible van rental is a great option if you are in any of the following situations:

  • Recovering from an illness or injury that requires you to have a wheelchair accessible vehicle temporarily
  • Have a wheelchair user who is visiting
  • Your current wheelchair accessible vehicle is in the shop for repairs for a long period of time
  • “Try before you buy”
  • Taking your loved one or friend out for outings/appointments who is a wheelchair user, in an extended care facility for instance

Type of Wheelchair Vans for Rent at MoveMobility

Our rental fleet consists of rear and side entry Dodge Grand Caravans with a manual or powered ramp for simple use that can hold up to 4 passengers or 1 wheelchair. The Dodge Grand Caravan is a simple and popular choice among families and people who require ease-of-use, non-extensive training, and those who need to transport additional cargo.

Important Considerations

Ask a MoveMobility consultant if the size of your or your guest’s wheelchair will fit inside the wheelchair van you wish to rent. Talk with our mobility van rental professional for additional information on dimensions you require.

Make sure you have been instructed on how to use the wheelchair restraint system and the seat belts in order to secure the wheelchair into the required position. Take your time with our rental professionals and ask any questions that you need to ensure you understand this critical element before you leave MoveMobility.

MoveMobility inspects the vehicles for cleanliness and ensures they are in top working order. MoveMobility will not rent out a van that is older than five years.

For more information or to make a reservation, call 877-781-8267 to inquire and book your wheelchair accessible van rental! You can also make an online inquiry for booking availability here!