Top Seven Wheelchair-Friendly Camping and Day Trip Sites in Manitoba


Winnipeg is a wonderful city. From our architecture to city parks and green spaces, and from the unique restaurants and pubs to stimulating museums that make up much of our city, Winnipeg is nothing shy of an exciting city. But with the summer heat having settled in, the ‘peg can feel like a giant pizza oven well into the summer. This can be quite an annoyance (or health hazard, depending on the person and the heat levels) if you’re trying to plan action-packed days. Not that you’d have any trouble filling up these days, but the city can become overwhelming with the heat, constant movement, and loading in and unloading out of your wheelchair van. While Winnipeg is great, it’s always nice to get out of the city and into the lush, green surroundings Manitoba has to offer. Camping sounds nice, you say? Lucky for you, many of Manitoba’s campgrounds offer excellent wheelchair-accessible camping sites, pavilions, nature centres, and other activities and landmarks within their parks. And, while you’ll want to make sure your wheelchair van from Move Mobility is ready to pound some pavement, these wheelchair-friendly campgrounds are spread out enough to fit any timeframe you, your partner, friends, and family decide. Ready for some movement motivation? Read on to get your planning gears greased.

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Lilac Resort and Water Park

Located just 20 minutes from and about 45 km east of Winnipeg, Lilac resort makes a great destination for a day trip or a weekend trip for those with more rigorous time restraints. However, there’s plenty enough for you and your family to do at Lilac to keep you busy for several days, including one of Manitoba’s best waterparks. And, if a campsite isn’t what you’re after, Lilac offers visitors numerous deluxe lodges and cabins that rival some of Winnipeg’s hotels comfort levels. If you’re looking for a quick escape or just looking to take your wheelchair van out of the city, then Lilac is the place for you.


Birch Point Provincial Park

Two-and-a-half  hours north of Winnipeg lies Birch Point Provincial Park. Tucked along the shores of Lake of the Woods in Buffalo Point, the park offers visitors the chance to leave the bustle of Winnipeg and the daily grind of life behind with lush shores, clear water, and green surroundings. With campsites dotted along the shores, most sites are accessible for individuals with a wheelchair. But sleeping isn’t the main focus of Birth Point; with a boat launch and idyllic scenery scattered about the shores, this smaller campground is perfect for hiding away from the world for some R and R.


Falcon Lake Beach Campground at Whiteshell Provincial Park

Located near the Manitoba-Ontario border, Falcon Lake Beach Campground sits nestled amidst the Whiteshell boreal forest, home to one of Manitoba’s richest arrays of wildlife. Brimming with moose, mink, black bear, loon and warblers, Falcon lake is an excellent choice for getting your dose of nature while getting away from it all and spending time with the family. Just over half an hour east of Winnipeg, the Whiteshell campground is the perfect spot to unwind and get back in touch with your wild side.

Move Mobility Pro Tip: When checking out campsites that focus on beaches, make sure the tread on your tires is good to go. Not only a worn tires a sure sign you need new ones, but they’re not exactly ideal for getting you out of sandy areas.


Minnedosa Beach Campground

Just two-and-a-half hours northwest of Winnipeg lies Minnedosa Beach campground. This idyllic shoreside escape embodies the best of Manitoba’s diverse landscapes: deeply rich-green surroundings offer shade and are home to diverse wildlife and flora, giving you the perfect spaces for turning off your city-brain and letting nature wisp you away for a weekend. With multiple sites situated around and a way’s away from the lake, Minnedosa Beach Campground is the perfect place for spending the day, or hunkering down for a week at a time to unplug and recharge.


Day Trip Alert: When you stay at Minnedosa, Manitoba’s Riding Mountain National Park is just 45 short minutes north of the campground, making it an excellent choice for a day trip. Or, conversely, using Minnedosa as a gateway to the wild north is a great idea: spend a night or two resting up on Minnedosa’s shores before taking your road-ready wheelchair van slightly further afield.


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Altona Centennial Park

Not all trips need to be weekend jaunts or require a lot of pre-planning. Altona’s Centennial Park makes for the perfect day trip, as it features an aquatic play park for the kids, an outdoor stage the promises several summer events, and numerous asphalt trails that give you plenty of reason to add Altona Centennial Park to your summer road- (or day-) trip itinerary. If you have kids, grandkids, or your friends’ kids are coming along, be sure to take advantage of the park’s numerous ball diamonds. Not only are they great for getting the kids some exercise, but also burning off some of their youthful energy so you and your partner can enjoy the peace and quiet in, well, peace and quiet.


Manipogo Provincial Park

Not all of Manitoba’s National and Provincial Parks need be bustling with others on holiday to justify that they’re the the perfect destinations for experiencing Manitoba’s lovely wilderness. Located about four hours north of Winnipeg,  Lake Manitoba’s Manipogo Campground is still a bit off the radar for some — but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have anything to offer. Quite the contrary, Manipogo gives visitors the chance to unwind in the solitude of Lake Manitoba’s accompanied only by birdsongs, the breeze, and the lapping of gentle waves at she shore. But, if you’re looking for some activity, the campground offers plenty of fishing from the shore.

Move Mobility Pro Tip: Before heading hundreds of kilometres away from Winnipeg, it’s always a good idea to check your wheelchair van’s road readiness. Whether you find yourself further afield than Manitoba or you’re sticking close to home, give our customer service representatives a shout if you have any issues with your wheelchair van. We’ll get you back on the road in no time.


Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

Our final installment finds us just 30 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg, at one of our province’s most kid-friendly stops. Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site gives you and your little ones the chance to interact with Canada’s past by learning from pioneers who were part of the Hudson’s Bay Company fur trapping and trading route, chat with and learn from  First Nations peoples, and get to know those who call the fort home. With no shortage of interactive experiences and wheelchair accessible paths, Lower Fort Garry is a great way to kick off or end your Manitoba camping trip or day trip.


Get Ready For The Road

While we’ve highlighted seven of Manitoba’s family-friendly camping and day trip spots, there are nearly countless other spots to safely reach in your wheelchair van. No matter how many kilometres you plan to put on your wheelchair van, make sure you stop by or get in touch with us at Move Mobility to get your wheelchair van ready to ramble onwards.


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