Vehicle Accessories and Driver Protection Shields

Driver Protection Shields

Driver protection shields are available for Dodge Grand Caravan, Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, Ram Promaster, and Ford Transit vehicles. They are installed behind driver and passenger front seats to provide driver safety. Driver protection shields can be easily removed and stored without damage to the vehicle. C/W hardware and install instructions. Installation service available at Winnipeg location.

Negative Pressure System

A Negative Pressure System has been developed for use in full size vans. It provides up to 300CFM continuous air extraction in the vehicle’s passenger compartment and creates negative pressure. Used to expel unclean air from the cabin, this innovative system has the capacity to complete a full air exchange within 3-5 minutes. The Negative Pressure System is installed in conjunction with the Extreme HVAC System and the Driver Protection Shield. Requires installation at Winnipeg location.

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