Wheelchair Van Financing Options

Smaller payments allow you to own your wheelchair van sooner.

Wheelchair Van Financing Helps You Find Payments To Fit With Your Budget

Wheelchair van financing provides a great option for purchasing your vehicle. Financing allows you to have your payments fit your monthly expenditures. From $0 down payment to as much as you want, our lending partners will work with you to find a payment that suits your needs.


Why Finance Your Wheelchair Van?

Wheelchair van financing provides many benefits.

  • You own the wheelchair van when you are done making the payments – When you finance your wheelchair van, you will own the van at the end of your term unlike a lease where at the end of the term, there may be a residual value still owing on the vehicle.
  • You are not limited on the kilometres you drive – Drive the van how you like, when you like.
  • Build all costs into the Finance – When you finance, you can add in your warranty costs to the total purchase price, breaking up the cost into smaller payments.
  • Flexibility –  Payments can be broken down into monthly, semi-monthly or weekly payments.

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