4x4 Rear Lift Ford Transit



Click the images below to view the videos of the MoveMobility 4×4 Ford Transit! Contact us by filling in the form on the right or give us a call for more information on this vehicle and how it helps communities and individuals overcome challenges with rough terrain.

MoveMobility provides a solution that takes a full-size passenger van and combines it with flexible seating and a wheelchair restraint system called Auto Floor.

This vehicle offers the complete flexibility you need for your organization. You can transport up to 13 passengers, including the driver, and the wheelchair lift can be positioned at either the side or rear of the vehicle. There are over 1,000 possible seating configurations that can be changed in minutes!

4×4 Ford Transit Specifications.

  • All-wheel drive, which provides excellent traction on ice and snow, as well as rough terrain
  • Easy access running board and grab handles at the side door which allow ambulatory clients to easily step up into the van
  • Heavy-duty altro non-slip flooring
  • In-Floor AMF Protektor Restraint System
  • D409 Equipment as Standard, including First Aid Kit
  • Back-up camera for easy backing up
  • Seats easily click in and out with the pull of a lever, with no lifting required
  • Seating is available in a variety of styles

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Cost effective transportation – trades welcome.

Save up to 40% on fuel costs compared to a traditional minibus.

Take who you need, when you need, with MoveMobility’s flexible flooring system, Auto-Floor.

ADA, FMVSS, and CMVSS Compliant.


Your clients can get in and out of the Transit easily with a rear hydraulic lift. An optional manual rear ramp with kneeling suspension is available.


Carry up to 13 passengers or 4 wheelchairs with the AutoFloor removable seating system, which allows for over 1,000 different configurations for ambulatory and wheelchair passengers in the Transit. Our removable seats are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to clean. With the flip of a switch, they pop out of the floor and are ready to move within or out of the vehicle.


Choose what works for you – everyone’s needs are different. Manual and automatic lift/ramp options are available on all of our vehicles.

We can also help you identify which entry option is best for you, whether it be rear entry or side entry.


Flexible Seating with AutoFloor.

Currently, most people are looking to transport their clients in full-sized vans. With MoveMobility’s flexible seating system, AutoFloor, your seating arrangements are no longer limited. You can configure the seats how you like, when you need them. 

AutoFloor allows for over 1,000 seating arrangements. Depending on the wheelchair van, you can  accommodate up to seven wheelchairs without having to make any modifications to the van itself. Our removable seats are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to clean. With the flip of a switch, they pop out of the floor and are ready to move within or out of the vehicle.

AutoFloor is compatible with the Ram Promaster and the Ford Transit.

Why Choose Auto-Floor for Your Van?

  • Works with new full-sized van models
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Complete flexibility in seating arrangements
  • Flexibility in lift/ramp placement
  • Flooring size can be adjusted to fit your needs