Commercial Rear Entry Dodge Grand Caravan


The MoveMobility Rear Entry Dodge Caravan for commercial use enables you to transport clients safely and comfortably with multiple seating, wheelchair, and stretcher options. This is a cost-effective way to transport up to two wheelchairs or up to six ambulatory passengers and is often used to compliment a full size van in transit fleets, medical transport applications, and group homes. 

Passenger seating is available in two styles: Flip & Fold and Fixed. Flip & Fold seating allows two 2nd row seats to flip up to allow two standard sized wheelchairs to be secured in the vehicle. The Fixed seating configuration allows for one smaller wheelchair between the bucket seats and a second wheelchair behind. MoveMobility's Rear Entry Dodge Grand Caravan conversion has an optional 3-person 2nd row bench and 3rd row 2-passenger folding bench to maximise your capabilities.

The Rear Entry Dodge Grand Caravan from MoveMobility is D409 compliant to commercial transportation regulation requirements. Easy to use and maintenance-free, this conversion is designed for organizations who need an accessible transportation solution that will meet the needs of each of their clients.

Rear Entry Dodge Grand Caravan


  • Lightweight manual rear ramp
  • No electrical shortages no untidy door cables
  • Easy to use: simply use the handle to pull out and lower the ramp
  • Spring tension system eliminates the stress of a heavy ramp
  • Commercial grade flooring and finishing that withstands transit use
  • Commercial ramp coating for durability and traction
  • Exclusive ramp securement system with no rattling or loosening
  • Conversion is available on new and pre-owned Dodge Grand Caravan vehicles
  • 91″ conversion length 
  • 31″ pan width 
  • 56″ entrance height
  • D409 Compliant
  • Your choice of electric or manual retracting Wheelchair Restraint Systems for easy operation
  • Optional 3-person 2nd Row Bench
  • Optional 2-person 3rd Row Bench


Looking for a  Rear Entry Van Conversion?

At MoveMobility, we understand that as an organizaton or community, you may have a vehicle that you may be considering having a rear entry van conversion done to. Minivans are often converted to wheelchair accessible vans as a cost-effective solution for providing accessible transportation. Depending on the year, model, and mileage on the vehicle, we can convert pre-owned vehicles. If you have purchased a new van elsewhere, please contact us and our team will be happy to assist with the accessible conversion.

Contact MoveMobility to find out if your van will work for a rear entry van conversion!

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