Rear Entry Toyota Sienna Taxi


The MoveMobility Toyota Rear Entry Minivan is the perfect solution for users in the transport, taxi, and healthcare sectors, as well as individuals, who require wheelchair accessible vehicles. Minivans are known to live up to the challenge of wear-and-tear of transit fleet, with flexible seating options and wheelchair positions to meet the needs of every client.


  • 60.5″ long, 35.5″ wide, and 58″ interior height
  • 3-middle row seats
  • Spring-assisted manual non-slip ramp
  • Heavy duty altro non-slip flooring
  • In-floor AMF Protektor Restraint System
  • D409 Equipment as Standard, including First Aid Kit
  • LED lighting on rear hatch
  • Lowered floor – spacious accommodation for wheelchair users
  • Second row seating – accommodation for ambulatory passengers

Build & Configure.

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Have the peace of mind that your clients are kept safe and comfortable.

Efficient gas mileage

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