Side Entry Ram Promaster P3


Innovative Patent Pending Design

With the production of the Dodge Grand Caravan officially finished, Commercial Transportation providers and fleet managers may be wondering what accessible vehicle options are available instead.

Do you:

  • Struggle with insufficient headroom and interior space for wheelchairs
  • Have concerns about mobility passengers' dignity
  • Worry about cost-effectiveness of small Side Entry vehicles such as Toyota Sienna or Chrysler Pacifica
  • Enjoy the simplicity of operating accessible Dodge Grand Caravans

If so, the Ram Promaster P3 by MoveMobility may be the solution for your accessible van fleet.


Compact and efficient

The Side Entry Ram Promaster P3 is built on the Ram Promaster 1500/2500 Low Roof 136" Wheelbase model. While comparable in size to a minivan, it offers more than a minivan possibly could.

  • Similar size to Dodge Grand Caravan
  • Easy to drive, maneuver, and park in city and rural applications
  • More headroom and usable interior space
  • Front Wheel Drive for excellent traction
  • High ground clearance eliminates scraping on gravel and snow-covered roads

Ease of use with new Door and Ramp system

The simple manual ramp system with powered bifold doors provides easy access to curbs and drop-off areas. Drivers and caregivers enjoy more space to safely secure wheelchair passengers without personal injury.

  • 1,000 lb capacity spring-assisted ramp accommodates large wheelchairs, walkers, and mobility devices
  • Smooth, quiet ramp operation
  • Powered ramp option available
  • Door entry controlled by driver dash switch

Accessibility and dignity for all

Gone are the days when passengers using mobility devices were left to board the vehicle last. All passengers use the same side access entryway, enhancing dignity.

  • Unobstructed entry for ambulatory and wheelchair passengers
  • Comfortable, quiet and smooth ride
ram promaster wheelchair accessible van with side ramp access for wheelchairs and ambulatory passengers

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Flexibility with AutoFloor

Enjoy the flexibility of a full size van with the driveability of a minivan. The AutoFloor track system gives you complete control over seat and wheelchair configurations for your accessible van.

  • Wipe-clean transit grade seats
  • Lightweight and removable on wheels for easy reposition
  • Operators can easily wheel seats in or out of the vehicle using the ramp
  • Transport up to 8 ambulatory passengers, up to 3 wheelchairs, or a combination of both
  • Maximum flexibility and efficiency on every route
  • Customize the seating layout to suit each clients' needs

Do you worry about expensive repairs or uncomfortable passenger rides on your accessible van fleet? Experience lower operating costs with the MoveMobility Side Entry Ram Promaster P3.

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