Winter Roads


Accessible vans built for winter roads in Canada

When we hear the term, winter roads, we often think of snow covered roads, slippery sections, and reduced visibility. For many of MoveMobility’s clients, winter roads mean much more than that…

What are winter roads?

Winter roads are a construction of ice approximately a meter thick across tundra lakes and river. Each year, a network of roads are created and maintained. The roads are used by cars, trucks, snowmobiles, and dog sledding teams.

In most countries, all you need is a few centimeters of snow and society essentially grinds to a rapid halt. In Northern Canada, it’s quite the opposite as we have winter roads! Winter doesn’t have to be a sour thought; winter roads are a particularly attractive and bumpy journey.

We acknowledge the accessible benefits that winter roads have given to many communities across Canada over the years. From, access to medical supplies, enabling them to visit their family members, and other necessities that are dire to them as they venture to the road of freedom.

In the winter months, the roads are also used by transportation businesses to transport goods and services to remote communities. It’s also the time of year when workers need to be transported to their remote jobs, such as mines.

There are many “check-list” items that we try to address before and once winter comes, such as the best vehicle to purchase that’s immaculate in the long winter months, winter tires, and cautious driving. There are certain vehicles that are built to master winter conditions compared to others.

Don’t make winter roads more challenging than they should be:

MoveMobility has a vehicle built tough that will withstand the rough terrain. In these conditions, other vehicles’ performance are rated mediocre compared to the 4×4 Ford Transit. The 4×4 Ford Transit will handle winter roads and it’s roomy enough to carry your whole family, your customers, or your business needs – just ask our Mobility Consultant, Simon Jones 204.783.8267 

If your community relies on winter roads for transportation, and you are planning a vehicle purchase in 2019, please contact Simon now to ensure that your vehicle is ready for delivery once the winter roads open.

Your need for a reliable vehicle is a priority, not an option, and is one that will take anything that comes at it, regardless of the time of year. The van’s are cost effective transportation, good fuel economy compared to other makes or models, and will take you where you need to go.

Visit this link for more information on how this van outperforms any other on winter roads: 4×4-rear-lift-ford-transit
Don’t wait any longer! Book your consultation with our Mobility Consultant today and enjoy winter driving.

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