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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
and Mobile Medical Vans

Helping you remove barriers to healthcare and transportation with innovative vehicle designs.

Our office will be closed from July 29th to August 5th, 2024.

Make your programs accessible to all users.

User-centric vehicle designs make your clients want to stay active in their community, regardless of their mobility level.

Don't leave one more passenger behind.

It's about more than just getting riders from A to B. All of your passengers deserve dignity and comfort.

Eliminate your fleet's expensive inefficiencies.

Reduce your operating costs with flexible seat and wheelchair layouts, for maximum efficiency on every ride.

How to Buy a Wheelchair Van or Medical Van

If you’re new to buying wheelchair accessible vehicles or medical vans, don’t stress. In these free guides, you’ll walk through the process of buying a van, how to decide which is best for your program, and how much you should budget.

Get Your Buyer's Guide
Get Your Medical Van Buyer's Guide 

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Wheelchair accessible vans that enable freedom for your passengers with any mobility level, built on the Ram Promaster.

Mobile Medical Vans

Mobile medical vans that help you remove barriers to healthcare in urban and rural communities.

Organizations we work with:

Our simple, thorough process ensures your organization finds the right vehicles for your needs.

1. Connect With Us

We reach out to you, or you reach out to us. Connect with one of our commercial mobility specialists to discuss your organization's needs for a vehicle and your challenges, goals, and budget.

2. Needs Analysis & Vehicle Demonstration

After an analysis of your organization's wheelchair or medical van needs, you can choose to have a vehicle demonstration that's relevant for your team. This empowers you to make informed purchasing decisions.

3. Vehicle Build & Delivery

We manufacture your new wheelchair or medical vehicle and provide delivery to your location. Our Customer Care Team follows up with training and vehicle service resources for your staff.

What Other Programs Are Saying

Resource Centre

Have questions about pricing or vehicle features? Maybe you want a little more background knowledge before getting in touch with us. Visit our Resource Centre for answers to your questions about buying wheelchair accessible vehicles and mobile medical vehicles.

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Get in touch today for a no-obligation needs analysis.

Not sure where to start? We're here to help your organization find the wheelchair accessible vehicles and mobile medical vehicle solutions that best suit your needs. Take advantage of our mobility industry experience by contacting us today.

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What happens if you submit the form?

We understand that you don’t want to receive multiple phone calls, emails or spam. You just want to speak to a commercial mobility specialist who can answer your questions about accessible and mobile medical vans.

If you submit the form or request more information from us, here’s what will happen:

  • Within one business day, you’ll receive a phone call from one of our commercial mobility specialists at the phone number you provide. Click here to Meet the Team.
  • If we miss you on the phone, you’ll receive a voice message to call us back. You’ll also get an email to let you know we tried to connect but missed you.
  • Once we’ve connected, your commercial mobility specialist will have a few questions for you to understand what type of vehicle you’re looking for help with.
If at any point during the process you feel we’re just not the right fit for your community or organization, just let us know. 


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