Personal Financing for Wheelchair Vans
Financing Options for Personal Use Wheelchair Vans

Personal financing is an attractive way of purchasing a wheelchair accessible van. If you prefer to pay monthly payments instead of an upfront payment, financing allows you to include smaller payments in your monthly expenditures. From $0 down payment to as much as you want, our lending partners will work with you to find a payment that suits your budget.

MoveMobility works with lending partners who specialize in providing accessible van financing. We are pleased to offer this service with quick approvals and maximum payment flexibility.

Why do Families and Individuals Finance Wheelchair Vans?

Vehicle Ownership

You own the vehicle when payments are complete, unlike a lease, where there may be a residual value still owing on the vehicle at the end of the term.

No Kilometre Limit

Financing a new accessible van means you can drive the van how far you like, when you like, without being limited to a kilometer allowance.

Build Costs In

Financing an accessible van means you will be covering the vehicle and the conversion in one complete 'package', as well as any optional warranties you may include.


Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments are options you can choose to best suit your budget

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