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MC Model: Mobile Medical Clinic Van
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MC Model: Mobile Medical Clinic Van

Known as the MC Model, MoveMobility’s Mobile Medical Clinic Van is built on the Ram Promaster and Ford Transit chassis.

Mobile clinic vans are used to reduce health disparities in vulnerable and remote populations. These vans take away the need for patients to travel to a clinic. Having the right mobile medical clinic van setup is the key to to a successful health outreach program.

The MC Model van includes:

Vehicle Model

Mobile Medical Clinic Van
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Download the Mobile Medical Clinic Brochure

Download the MC Model brochure for more details about the mobile medical clinic. See how your medical service or support program can  provide a private, culturally-appropriate space for your clients.

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Front page of MoveMobility Mobile Clinic Van brochure
Front page of MoveMobility Mobile Clinic Van brochure

Download The Brochure

Download the MC Model brochure for more details about the mobile medical clinic. See how your medical service or support program can  provide a private, culturally-appropriate space for your clients.

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Medical Van Layouts

Whether you provide addictions treatment to vulnerable clients in urban areas or primary health care to fellow community members, multiple designs are available to suit your program's needs.

Mobile Office Space

With options such as a spacious desk, office chair, sink, fridge and storage, you can give clients a true one-on-one experience.

Custom Equipment

We understand that no two communities are alike and that the van layouts that works for one program may not work for yours. You can choose to include options in your van, such as:

High Capacity Heat & A/C

In the Canadian climate, you need an interior heating and cooling system that keeps your patients comfortable, no matter the weather. You can control the air distribution from the rear controls.

Rear Compartment Lighting

Bright LED lighting provides a safe, comfortable environment for working with clients at any time of day.

Anti-Slip Steps

Durable, anti-slip running boards provide drivers and staff with an additional step to make getting in and out of the van safer. Their unique design prevents snow and ice buildup to minimize risk of slips and falls.

MC Model: Mobile Medical Clinic Van FAQs

A mobile medical clinic van is a van that is converted to a mobile medical treatment space. Mobile medical clinic vans are a way to provide primary healthcare and other services to underserved populations. Mobile medical clinic vans often serve people who are otherwise unreachable by typical healthcare methods.

Mobile medical clinic vans are used to take health services to patients who cannot access a health centre or hospital. They help to reduce health disparities.

A person may not be able to access a health centre for many reasons. These include:

  • Mobility issues
  • Lack of transportation
  • Remote location
  • Financial restraints
  • Language barriers
  • Wait times

A person who cannot get primary healthcare is more likely to suffer from undiagnosed health conditions. This leads to late diagnoses and more advanced health issues in patients. Treating advanced yet preventable health conditions is costly for the healthcare system.

Mobile medical clinic vans are not only used to provide basic healthcare. They are also used for personal services such as:

  • Addictions treatment
  • Mental health counselling
  • Outreach services to homeless and vulnerable populations.

Mobile medical clinic vans are used by many different groups, including:

Indigenous and First Nations communities

In many Indigenous and First Nation communities, patients are located too far from a health centre to have access to basic health care. Mobile medical vans are used to visit patients at their homes or nearby locations.

Vans are used for mental health counselling, sexual health programs, and other services that require a culturally-appropriate approach.

Housing and homeless societies

Initiatives that work to end homelessness need a way to address their client’s needs right where they are. Vans equipped with a private space give these programs a safe working environment in underserved places. Social workers can have an on-demand treatment space, with supplies and personnel to best serve their clients.

Addictions services

Addictions services are often offered in traditional facilities. However, mobile medical vans provide a safe, private, approachable space for persons in need to get addictions help without the stigma of going into a clinic.

Non-emergency response services

Mobile medical vans offer a medical space for non-urgent medical needs. Services such as bloodwork, physical exams, first aid, and stretcher transportation are all possible in a custom mobile medical van.

Industrial safety companies

Industrial safety companies that respond to workplace accidents require a mobile treatment space that carries the supplies, equipment, and personnel needed.

The cost of a mobile medical clinic van depends on so many factors that we have an article dedicated to explaining how much a medical van costs. Read it here.

Looking for additional options for this model? Click here to learn about more equipment that can be added to this vehicle.

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Download Mobile Medical Clinic Van Brochure

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