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MoveMobility FAQs

All your Wheelchair Accessible Van and Mobile Medical Vehicle answers.

As Canada’s leading manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vehicles and mobile medical vans, we are here to answer your questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in these MoveMobility FAQs, please contact us directly and we’ll be happy to assist you.

MoveMobility General FAQs

Yes, MoveMobility designs and manufactures wheelchair accessible conversions and mobile medical van upfits inhouse, including a number of patent-pending conversions. We are not a dealer for other accessible vehicle manufacturers.

All vehicle conversions are completed inhouse at our Winnipeg manufacturing facility (except Side Entry Dodge Grand Caravan).

MoveMobility provides both the vehicle and conversion as a complete package. We work with OEM vehicle manufacturers so you don’t have to negotiate with dealers to purchase a van. We consider conversion-only orders for customer-provided vehicles on a case by case basis. Mobile medical unit conversions are not available for customer-provided vehicles.

MoveMobility is an authorized dealer for BraunAbility and Vantage Mobility International (VMI) for select personal use vehicles and mobility equipment. Vehicle providers such as Savaria and Malley Industries may maintain their own dealer network. MoveMobility is not a dealer for paratransit bus lines.

While MoveMobility always has vehicles in stock and available for conversion, lead times vary by vehicle and conversion (from weeks to months). 

Contact us here or call 844-951-3808 to speak with our team about vehicle availability and conversion time.

While we are confident that our wheelchair accessible conversions and mobile medical van upfits are the highest quality on the market, they aren’t for every organization. MoveMobility is committed to providing your organization reliable, safe vehicle options and we do not compromise these values to lower prices.

You may find the following articles helpful in deciding whether MoveMobility is a fit for your vehicle needs.

Yes, our wheelchair van rental program operates from Winnipeg, MB and Mississauga, ON.  Wheelchair van rentals are available on a short-term basis. Learn more here.

Yes, please find more details on our commercial leasing page.

You may find the following article helpful when figuring out a payment option.

Your Payment Options with MoveMobility – to see the different payment options and pros and cons of each.

MoveMobility Vehicle FAQs

Virtual demonstrations and vehicle walkthroughs are the most effective way for your team to get a feel for what vehicle conversion you require. Contact us here or call 844-951-3808 to book a demo.

Van colour options vary based on what is available at the time of placing your van order. White is the standard vehicle colour, however on rare occasions, other colours may be available.

Many organizations choose to add full decal wraps or decal designs to their vans to improve its visual appeal. This is especially popular for outreach programs, transit agencies, and adult day care programs.

MoveMobility can assist with decal design packages. Contact us here or call 844-951-3808 

No, we do not offer the option to reuse your wheelchair lift or seats.

Wheelchair lifts and seats change over time as their design improves. Older models may not be compatible with new wheelchair van designs.

For your safety, we work with new vehicles and new equipment only. Using old equipment could compromise the safety of your passengers.

MoveMobility Vehicle Service & Warranty FAQs

MoveMobility’s wheelchair van conversions and mobile medical upfits do not void manufacturer warranty. Vehicle conversions are complex modifications made up of many different pieces of equipment, parts, and systems. Individual manufacturer’s warranty typically covers large equipment components such as hydraulic lifts, stretchers, etc. For full warranty details, please request a Warranty Policy by contacting our Customer Care Team here or call 844-951-3808.

Contact our Customer Care Team here or call 844-951-3808 prior to taking your MoveMobility to a service location. Modified vehicles may require service at an OEM dealership or a specific service location for warranty purposes. Regular vehicle maintenance such as oil changes should be completed at an authorized garage or dealership. Our Customer Care Team will advise where your vehicles should go for the service required.

Yes, additional seats and wheelchair restraint sets are available for purchase. Contact our Customer Care Team here or call 844-951-3808 for assistance with ordering additional equipment. Please have your vehicle’s VIN available for reference.

Yes, driver/operator training is available after your van has been delivered. Vehicle orientation videos are provided after delivery, however if your team requires additional training, please contact our Customer Care Team here or call 844-951-3808 to arrange.

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