Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Vehicles
Full size vans configured for non-emergency medical transportation

MoveMobility’s non-emergency (non-EMS) patient transport vehicles are innovative solutions for stretcher and wheelchair transportation providers. There is a growing need for non-emergency transportation options for patients who require medical care and stretcher access to and from medical centres.

In rural communities, emergency services personnel are often called to provide non-urgent stretcher transportation. This diverts EMS away from their core service of providing emergency care where more urgently needed, putting others’ lives at risk.

By implementing a non-emergency transportation vehicle, communities benefit from having accessible transportation readily available within the community and allowing EMS to work where they are needed.

Non-Emergency Patient Transport in Rural and Urban Communities

The non-emergency patient transport vehicles by MoveMobility are based on full size vans, such as the Ford Transit and Ram Promaster. These vehicles provide flexibility for caregivers and transport personnel who need space and easy access to the patient.

Easy Access

Non-emergency patient transport vehicles are easy to drive, maneuver and park in rural and city applications. Ensure less caregiver injury and maximize use of interior space and headroom with full standing height. High ground clearance means no scraping on gravel or snow-covered roads.

Flexible Configurations

Configured with AutoFloor for flexible seating, users can secure wheelchairs, stretchers, and ambulatory passengers with options to change the interior layout as required. Over 1,000 configurations possible!

Unique Conversion

With many options for non-urgent patient transport conversions, we will configure a vehicle to suit your needs. Specially designed features such as the Swing and Fold Ramp allow you to take who and what you need: stretchers, medical equipment, wheelchairs, attendants, and more.

Flexibility with AutoFloor

The AutoFloor track system gives you complete control over seat and wheelchair configurations for your vehicle.

  • Wipe-clean transit grade seats
  • Lightweight and removable on wheels for easy moving
  • Operators can easily wheel seats in or out of the vehicle using ramp or lift
  • Transport a combination of ambulatory, wheelchair, and stretcher passengers
  • Maximum flexibility and efficiency on every ride
  • Customize seating layouts to suit each passenger’s needs

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution with accessible vans for non-emergency patient transport vehicles. Get in touch today for a no-obligation needs analysis to find out what type of non-urgent patient transfer vehicle would suit your community’s needs.

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