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T6 Accessible Van
Side Entry Ford Transit: Full Size Van Flexibility with Bus Functionality

Side Entry Ford Transit T6

MoveMobility’s T6 wheelchair accessible van is built on the Ford Transit 148” EXT Wheelbase High Roof model. 

Cutaway buses have high repair costs and minimal interior flexibility. The T6 is your cost-efficient solution when you need bus functionality with the cost savings and flexibility of a van.

The Patent-Pending Side Entry Ford Transit T6 features include:

Read our article about how much an accessible van like the T6 costs by clicking here.

Vehicle Model

wheelchair accessible van with side entry lift- background removed
Ford Transit 148" EXT Wheelbase, High Roof - Patent pending
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Download T6 Fact Sheet

Download the fact sheet for answers to your questions about Side Entry Ford Transit T6 specifics like driver licensing, passenger capacity, budget, and more.

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MoveMobility T6 Fact Sheet
MoveMobility T6 Fact Sheet

Download T6 Fact Sheet

Download the fact sheet for answers to your questions about Side Entry Ford Transit T6 specifics like driver licensing, passenger capacity, budget, and more.

Get Your Copy

AutoFloor Flexible Floor and Seating System

AutoFloor is an innovative floor track and seating system that allows you to configure seats and wheelchairs in the vehicle in different layouts. Your organization can save time and money with an adaptable vehicle that meets any rider needs.

Play Video about Removable AMF Paratransit seat

Rear Curbside Powered Lift

The heavy duty, transit grade BraunAbility powered lift provides safe mobility passenger access. It accommodates large wheelchairs and mobility scooters, including bariatric chairs.

Bus-Style Door Entry

Bus-style leaf doors and an ambulatory step entry give your van the feel of a bus, without the large footprint or high maintenance costs of a bus.

Wheelchair Restraints

Wheelchair restraints are used in conjunction with a shoulder harness and lap belt securement system for wheelchair occupants. Designed with safety and aesthetics in mind.

High Capacity Heat & A/C

In the Canadian climate, you need an interior heating and cooling system that keeps your passengers comfortable, no matter the weather. Even air distribution prevents windows frosting up.

Large Windows

Your passengers and drivers can enjoy large van windows that fill the vehicle with natural light without compromising privacy or the van's internal temperature.

Mobility Assists

Grab poles and handles are located throughout the vehicle to support your ambulatory and mobility passengers while they enter and exit the vehicle.

Anti-Slip Running Boards

Durable, anti-slip running boards provide your drivers and ambulatory passengers with an additional step to make getting in and out of the van safer. Their unique design prevents snow and ice buildup to minimize risk of slips and falls.

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Download T6 Fact Sheet

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