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Our Process

Working with MoveMobility to find the right wheelchair accessible vehicle or mobile medical van requires time and resources from you and our team.

Want to know more about the process you’ll take when buying a wheelchair or medical van from MoveMobility? Find out more details in your journey here.

1. Discovery

This the first step to learn whether you should consider MoveMobility for your accessible or mobile health van needs.
Your Account Executive will ask questions to learn about your program. They will discuss your objectives and budget expectations. This will allow you to decide if there is a fit between our organizations.
MoveMobility is not the best partner for every organization. Even if you like the look of our commercial wheelchair accessible or mobile medical vans, we invite you to read about who we are not a fit for.
If you discover that MoveMobility isn’t able to provide what you are looking for, that is okay. We can still be friends.
Connect With MoveMobility

2. Needs Analysis & Vehicle Demonstration

The next step is a thorough analysis of your program’s vehicle requirements. This ensures that the vehicles we discuss are relevant to your needs.
Whether in person or virtual, this meeting is your time to ask questions and see a vehicle for yourself. It is important that you feel confident about taking the next steps.

You can expect to learn about the various features of MoveMobility vehicles. You’ll also find out how they may impact your program’s operation, including:


  • AutoFloor flexible flooring
  • Exclusive ramp/lift and door conversions
  • Flexible floorplan layouts
  • Custom medical van equipment


Your Account Executive will make recommendations on the best vehicle for your program. You will see floorplan examples and work together to decide the van configuration.
Once you are ready to get the necessary approvals in your organization, you will receive a detailed Quotation. We understand that you may need price information for funding applications. Depending on your organization, you may need to issue an RFP.
Needs Analysis & Vehicle Demonstration

3. Vehicle Build & Delivery

Once you have confirmed your vehicle order, we manufacture your new wheelchair accessible or mobile medical van. This takes place at our facilities in Winnipeg and Mississauga.
You take delivery of the vehicle at your location. Our Customer Care Team will reach out with resources for training and vehicle service.
Men building a wheelchair van

Ready to take the next step?

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What happens if you submit the form?

We understand that you don’t want to receive multiple phone calls, emails or spam. You just want to speak to a commercial mobility specialist who can answer your questions about accessible and mobile medical vans.

If you submit the form or request more information from us, here’s what will happen:

  • Within one business day, you’ll receive a phone call from one of our commercial mobility specialists at the phone number you provide. Click here to Meet the Team.
  • If we miss you on the phone, you’ll receive a voice message to call us back. You’ll also get an email to let you know we tried to connect but missed you.
  • Once we’ve connected, your commercial mobility specialist will have a few questions for you to understand what type of vehicle you’re looking for help with.
If at any point during the process you feel we’re just not the right fit for your community or organization, just let us know. 


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Request More Information

Let us know what you’re looking for help with and we’ll be in touch.