The M Series: Mobile Medical Vans

MoveMobility manufactures four distinct types of mobile medical vehicles: the MR Model, the MC Model, the MO Model, and the MM Model. Each vehicle is available with a variety of floorplan layouts to best suit your organization’s needs. Learn more about these vans by clicking the links below.

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MR Model: Mobile Medical Response Van

The MR Model van is a non-emergency mobile medical van equipped with aluminum cabinetry, stretcher access, and advanced storage systems similar to an ambulance. The MR Model's medical van layouts provide a mobile treatment space and transportation in one van.

MC Model: Mobile Medical Clinic Van

The MC Model van is a mobile medical clinic used to bring healthcare directly to clients. Often seen as a "doctor's office on wheels", these mobile medical vans provide a private treatment space for personal health services.

MO Model: Mobile Outreach Van

The MO Model van is a mobile outreach van that provides transportation and a safe on-site workspace. Designed for travelling street outreach teams, you can transport staff and clients, as well as provide services in any location with a mobile office space.

MM Model: Mobile Mitigation Van

The MM Model van provides a safe, sterile, and private space with sterile injection equipment. As a mobile supervised consumption site, this van promotes safe injection practices, reduces needle sharing, prevents transmission of viruses and infections, and helps to prevent overdoses.

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