Ram Promaster Wheelchair Accessible Vans

The Ram Promaster is a versatile full-size van converted and used for wheelchair accessible and non-emergency medical transportation. Ram Promaster wheelchair accessible vans do not require additional driver licensing. Communities and organizations rely on accessible full-size vans as they provide limitless flexibility without compromising space or ride comfort. All vehicle conversions are CMVSS and D409 approved.

P Series

The P Series lineup of small and mid-size Ram Promaster wheelchair vans is a unique side and/or rear ramp conversion designed exclusively by MoveMobility. The P Series vehicles offer barrier-free access for ambulatory and mobility passengers, regardless of their mobility level.

P Flex Acessible Van

The MoveMobility P Flex vehicle is configured with side entry ambulatory bus-style access with rear entry mobility access. It's the innovative alternative to the heavily modified cutaway bus.

Rear Lift Ram Promaster

The Rear Lift Ram Promaster is configured with a heavy-duty BraunAbility hydraulic lift in the rear position. Passenger seating and wheelchair positions can be configured in the rear compartment to suit your program's requirements.

Rear Ramp Ram Promaster

The Rear Ramp Ram Promaster is configured with a manual bi-fold ramp in the rear position. This vehicle is designed for wheelchair transportation as well as non-emergency stretcher transport applications.

Ram Promaster Chassis

The Ram Promaster accessible vehicles are available in two roof heights and three lengths:

  • 136″ Wheelbase, Low Roof (P Series only)
  • 159″ Wheelbase, High Roof
  • 159″ EXT Wheelbase, High Roof

*May vary based on vehicle availability.

AutoFloor Flexible Floor and Seating System

AutoFloor is an innovative floor and seating system that allows you to configure seats and wheelchairs in the vehicle in different layouts. Your organization can save time and money with an adaptable vehicle that meets any rider needs.

Standard in all full-size MoveMobility vehicles, AutoFloor facilitates a fast, flexible design for your vehicle’s interior and provides built-in social distancing.

Removeable seats on wheels and compatible wheelchair restraint systems make it easy to keep your passengers safe and comfortable.

Removable AMF Paratransit seat

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