The P Series Wheelchair Accessible Vans

The P Series wheelchair accessible vans is a lineup of full-size van conversions that provide barrier-free access to passengers of all mobility levels. These mobility
vehicle options allow transportation providers to overcome challenges such as high maintenance costs and the inability to provide on-demand transit service with their current fleet.

The P3 Van

The P3 is built on the Ram Promaster 136" Wheelbase, Low Roof Model. Its small footprint makes it the ideal replacement for side entry or rear entry minivans. With flexible seating and wheelchair positions, the P3 accessible van offers more interior space than a minivan possibly could.

The P4 Van

The P4 is built on the Ram Promaster 159” Wheelbase, High Roof Model. This side and/or rear entry vehicle is is a spacious option for community programs and on-demand transit providers. The P4 model has become the ideal replacement for a small cutaway bus.

The P5 Van

The P5 is built on the Ram Promaster 159” EXT Wheelbase, High Roof Model. With a longer vehicle interior, this model is often configured for transportation providers that need more interior space without the challenges of a cutaway bus.

How can the P Series Wheelchair Accessible Vans enhance my Transportation Program?

The P Series vehicles were developed in answer to the changing needs of transportation providers. Whether your program is part of public transit, medical transportation, community living programs, outreach services, or any other application requiring a vehicle that works for operators and passengers alike, the P Series vehicles are adaptable to your needs.

Learn more about the challenges that organizations like yours tell us about, and how MoveMobility’s accessible vehicle solutions may help make your transportation program more accessible, efficient, and easier to manage.

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