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Best Wheelchair Van Companies in Canada

In this article, you'll learn all about the top 10 wheelchair van companies in Canada so that you can decide which company is right for you.
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Is your team facing questions like whether you need a wheelchair van or bus? Are you mulling over whether you should get the most cost-effective van or the most reliable van? Are you struggling to find a company that can design and manufacture accessible vans to meet your program’s needs? 

Then you are also likely asking yourself the question, “What is the best wheelchair van company in Canada?” 

But the thing about this question is the answers will vary depending on your organization’s needs. 

The best for you may be the most reliable van, while the best for someone else may be the most cost-effective van because they are a nonprofit struggling to get funding. 

At MoveMobility, we always want to make sure you are educated on all your accessible van options, so we’ve compiled a list of the top commercial wheelchair van providers in Canada. 

The list we provided is not in any specific order, because there is no “best” wheelchair van company that will match everyone’s needs: 

The purpose of this article is to give you an understanding of all of your options in the mobility van market so that you can find the company that best suits your needs. 

After reading this article, you’ll gain the insight you need to decide which wheelchair van company you should work with–even if it’s not MoveMobility. 

Please note: references to specific companies are for illustrative and educational purposes only. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by any of the companies below. 

Creative Carriage

Who is Creative Carriage?

Creative Carriage supplies American low-floor bus brands and manufactures their own wheelchair accessible van conversions. 

Creative Carriage’s most popular wheelchair van conversion is the Community Shuttle. 

What does Creative Carriage do?

Creative Carriage converts vehicles like the Ram Promaster at their facility, and they also represent the following US-based bus brands to provide their customers with a range of medium- to large-size buses: 

  • ARBOC Specialty Vehicles
  • Champion Bus
  • Federal Coach Bus
  • Midwest Automotive Designs
  • Krystal Bus
  • RevAbility

Crestline Coach

Who is Crestline Coach?

Crestline Coach is part of the DCBM group of ambulance manufacturers. This global group builds buses, specialty vehicles, and ambulances. 

What does Crestline Coach do?

Crestline Coach sells small- to medium-sized low-floor paratransit buses, shuttle buses, and luxury coaches. They are a dealer for the following US-based brands: 

  • ARBOC Specialty Vehicles
  • Berkshire Coach
  • Champion Bus
  • Forest River
  • StarTrans Bus

Dynamic Specialty Vehicles

Who is Dynamic Specialty Vehicles?

Based in Western Canada, Dynamic Specialty Vehicles works with organizations in British Columbia, Alberta, and the northern territories. 

They work with organizations that provide accessible and non-accessible transportation. 

What does Dynamic Specialty Vehicles do?

Dynamic Specialty Vehicles sells and provides services and parts for a range of large vehicles, including school buses, transit buses, and vans. 

They have options for pre-owned or new accessible buses, and are a dealer for the following brands: 

  • ARBOC Specialty Vehicles
  • Blue Bird
  • Creative Carriage
  • Eldorado
  • Federal Coach
  • Malley Industries
  • Micro Bird by Girardin
  • Turtle Top

Golden Mobility & Rehab

Who is Golden Mobility & Rehab?

Golden Mobility & Rehab serves Saskatchewan’s accessibility and mobility needs through sales and rentals of mobility equipment. 

They are popular among personal users. 

What does Golden Mobility & Rehab do?

Golden Mobility & Rehab provides consumers with mobility equipment and accessible vans. 

They also sell full size wheelchair vans that can be used in commercial settings like group homes or in transportation programs. 

Humberview Mobility

Who is Humberview Mobility?

Humberview Mobility is a member of the Humberview Group, an Ontario-based dealer group. As a result, they represent many automotive brands, with a focus on non-accessible vehicles. 

Humberview Mobility is a dealer for some of North America’s largest wheelchair van conversion companies. 

What does Humberview Mobility do?

The Humberview Mobility division works with individuals and families to provide wheelchair vans such as the BraunAbility Dodge Grand Caravan and Toyota Sienna. 

They also sell commercial wheelchair vans such as the Ram Promaster. 

Malley Industries

Who is Malley Industries?

Established in 1979, Malley Industries is a van conversion manufacturer based in New Brunswick. 

Aside from selling their vehicles to end users, they sell vehicles through Canadian dealers, such as: 

  • Humberview Mobility
  • Dynamic Specialty Vehicles
  • The Bus Centre

Malley Industries and MoveMobility are Canada’s only two Ford QVM Mobility-certified organizations. 

What does Malley Industries do?

As a manufacturer, Malley Industries has three core products: ambulance and non-emergency patient transport vehicles, wheelchair vans, van partitions, and wall liners. 

They convert minivans and full size vans for accessibility, including the Ford Transit Connect, Ford Transit, and Ram Promaster. 


Who is Savaria?

Savaria is a mobility equipment company that manufactures and sells a variety of products. 

While the Savaria brand is mainly known for home elevators and wheelchair lifts, they also have wheelchair van options. 

What does Savaria do?

Savaria does wheelchair van conversions on minivan vehicles for personal and commercial use. These are sold through dealers across Canada. 

Savaria’s most popular product is typically a low-floor side entry minivan conversion. 

Silver Cross Automotive

Who is Silver Cross Automotive? 

Silver Cross Automotive is a wheelchair accessible van retailer with locations in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. They are associated with Savaria. 

What does Silver Cross Automotive do? 

Silver Cross Automotive works with consumers, health personnel, and transit programs to provide them with minivans and full size accessible vans.

They are a dealer for Savaria, VMI, and Sparrow Hawk wheelchair vans. 

The Bus Centre

Who is The Bus Centre?

Based in Alberta, The Bus Centre is a dealer for new and used buses. 

The Bus Centre’s focus is selling commercial and school buses, often with higher passenger capacity than accessible vans. 

What does The Bus Centre do?

The Bus Centre sells small, medium, and large-sized buses and shuttles, including paratransit buses. 

They also sell bus service and parts as a dealer for the following brands: 

  • Diamond Coach
  • Malley Industries
  • StarCraft Bus
  • Thomas Built Buses

Universal Motion

Who is Universal Motion?

Universal Motion is a provider of wheelchair accessible vans in the Greater Toronto Area. 

They are a dealer for US-based BraunAbility and VMI. 

What does Universal Motion do?

Universal Motion offers both new and used wheelchair vans. 

Their vehicle lineup includes rear and side entry minivans, as well as full-size wheelchair vans. 

Your next steps to partnering with the best commercial wheelchair van companies in Canada

You came to this article to gain an understanding of all of your options in the mobility van market so that you can find the company that best suits your needs. 

After reading, you hopefully have the insight you need to decide which wheelchair van company you should work with–even if it’s not MoveMobility. 

If you’re still not sure which company is right for you, talk to an industry expert now

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