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New Budget Friendly Wheelchair Van: the VL Series

Rear view of VL Series wheelchair van with lowered ramp.

Do you need a wheelchair van for your organization, but the ones you’ve been looking at just don’t fit in your budget?

Are you an adult day program and you’re struggling to find funding for a wheelchair van?

Do you need a wheelchair van that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance but still offers your organization the flexibility it needs? 

Then the VL Series from MoveMobility could be the right wheelchair van for you. 

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the VL Series, such as:

  • What van the VL series is built on
  • The number of passengers you can transport
  • The different seating options available
  • How much the VL Series costs

Our technician experts designed this budget friendly option to meet demands for a cost-effective wheelchair van that still offers flexibility. 

Read on to learn if the VL Series is right for you. 

Budget friendly wheelchair van: the VL Series Q&A

Get all of your questions about the VL Series answered in one place below.

What model is it built on?

The VL Series conversion is built on the Ram Promaster 159” Wheelbase High Roof model. 

How many passengers can I transport using it?

The VL Series can transport 8 ambulatory passengers and 1 wheelchair–or a configuration of both. 

What are the seating options?

Rear view of inside of VL series van with lowered floor for wheelchair

The VL Series comes with AutoFloor* in the front half of the passenger compartment, 2 removable seats, and it can accommodate up to 6 seats. The seats have wheels to make it easy for you to configure your layout to suit your unique needs. 

*AutoFloor is an innovative floor track and seating system that allows you to configure seats and wheelchairs in the vehicle in different layouts. 

Is it rear or side entry?

The VL Series is a rear entry van conversion. 

Will my wheelchair passengers enter the van using a ramp or a lift?

Your passengers will enter and exit the van using a manual ramp

A manual ramp is… 

  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable for use in any climate
  • Spring-assisted to eliminate physical strain
  • Fast and easy to use – no need to wait for a lift to deploy or stow
Close up of manual ramp on the VL Series

How much does the budget friendly wheelchair van cost?

The VL Series typically costs $110,000 to $135,000. 

Learn what makes up the cost of a wheelchair van here

What driving license do I need to drive it?

The VL Series requires a standard driving license in most provinces, excluding British Columbia. 

Click here for a breakdown of what license you need to drive a wheelchair van, province by province, here

How easy is the van to use/operate? 

Our technician experts designed the VL Series to be easy to use. 

The van comes with a simple manual ramp that has a latch to secure the ramp in place. To use the ramp, simply undo the latch on either side of the ramp, then lower it down. You reverse this process to stow the ramp. 

How much maintenance does the VL Series need? 

We designed this budget friendly wheelchair van with a manual ramp, which means it needs little to no maintenance. A manual ramp will likely not fail in cold weather, and is easy to keep clean by brushing off ice and snow. 

Who is a budget friendly wheelchair van right for?

The VL Series is right for:

  • Organizations who need a budget friendly option that still provides flexibility
  • Adult day programs, and First Nations and Indigenous communities who are struggling to find funding and need a budget friendly wheelchair van option
  • Organizations that need a rear entry mid-size van option with a low ramp angle

Your next steps to getting a budget friendly wheelchair van

You came to this article to learn about the new cost-effective wheelchair van from MoveMobility. 

After reading, you’ve learned everything you need to know about the VL Series to decide if it’s the right wheelchair van for your organization. 

If you’re still not sure which wheelchair van is right for you, talk to a MoveMobility expert today

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