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Creative Carriage Community Shuttle Vs. MoveMobility P Series

An in-depth comparison of the Creative Carriage Community Shuttle and the MoveMobility P4 - two accessible vans that may look similar to the untrained eye, but have several key differences that you should know.
Creative Carriage Community Shuttle Van

While exploring full size vans with side or rear entry ramp conversions, you will discover there are a handful of options. You may discover the Community Shuttle van made by Creative Carriage. Creative Carriage’s Community Shuttle may look like the MoveMobility P6 accessible van, but there are several differences that you should know.

At MoveMobility, we understand that your organization may consider more than one van platform before you make a decision. In the transit world, there is emphasis on making transit accessible for all riders. Many transport providers prefer a side or rear entry ramp system. This is because a ramp is quick and easy to deploy compared to a hydraulic lift.

In this article, we’ll do an in-depth comparison of the Creative Carriage Community Shuttle and the MoveMobility P Series.

P Series ultimate conversion Ram Promaster
MoveMobility P6 Ultimate model shown.

Disclaimer: References to Creative Carriage are for illustrative and educational purposes only, based on information made publicly available online. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by Creative Carriage.

Creative Carriage provides a range of low floor vehicles. MoveMobility is a wheelchair accessible van manufacturer that focuses on innovative, barrier-free van designs.

Creative Carriage Community Shuttle vs. MoveMobility P Series

To compare the Creative Carriage Community Shuttle van to the MoveMobility P Series, we will cover key factors to help you decide which accessible van is right for your program:

  • The conversion
  • Passenger capacity
  • Flexibility
  • Rider experience
  • Safety

The Community Shuttle is available in two models: CS-1 (Rear Entry) and CS-2 (Dual Entry).

The P Series is available in three models: Side Entry, Rear Entry, and Dual Entry.

Community Shuttle vs. P Series Conversion

ConversionCommunity ShuttleP Series
StructureUndercoated stainless steel lowered floor frame structure; extensive frame modificationsMinimal modifications to OEM vehicle frame
Level floor; floor is not lowered
Maintains the van’s structural integrity
FloorMarine grade plywood subfloor, similar to cutaway busAutoFloor aluminum floor for durability and longevity
RampSide entry manual infloor ramp
Rear entry manual fold-out ramp
Dual entry available on CS-2 model
Side entry powered ramp or rear entry powered ramp
Dual entry available on P6 model
Manual ramp options available
DoorsPowered bi-fold doorsPowered bi-fold doors, operated from driver dash or external switches
SeatingFreedman GO and Feather Weight seating optionsSmartSeat removeable seats on wheels; non-removeable seat options available
StepsNo steps to enter the van; walk-on riders must use one step to access their seatNo steps (barrier-free)
Interior finishingOEM stylingOEM styling
MoveMobility P4 Rear Entry mobility access

Next, let’s compare the interior space that each van offers:

Conversion DimensionCommunity ShuttleP4 (most common P Series model)
Bi-fold doors entry height69″69.5″
Bi-fold doors entry width34″41″
Interior height at seat levelUnknown, floor is lowered74.25″
Overall interior length134″142″
Overall interior widthUnknown, floor is lowered72″
Ramp width34″34″

Community Shuttle vs. P Series Passenger Capacity

The Creative Carriage Community Shuttle and the MoveMobility P Series are built on the same van chassis: the Ram Promaster. Because of this, you may think that the passenger capacity is the same. However, that is not the case. The P Series vans use a variety of Promaster models to accommodate different needs.

The Ram Promaster 2500 GVWR is 8,900 lbs. No more than 10 persons should ride in the vehicle at one time.

 Community ShuttleP Series
WheelchairsUp to 3Up to 3
Ambulatory passengersUp to 8, including driverUp to 10, including driver

Community Shuttle vs. P Series Flexibility

Now that we have discussed the details of the van conversions, let’s look at how the vans compare in terms of useability and the ability to adapt to your organization’s needs for wheelchair and walk-on passengers.

 Community ShuttleP Series
FloorplansPredetermined floorplans include:
7 Passengers + 2 Wheelchairs
6 Passengers + 2 Wheelchairs
4 Passengers + 3 Wheelchairs
No set floorplans; users have the full flexibility to add and remove seats, and change seat and wheelchair layouts on the go.
Most common layout is 8 Passengers + 2 Wheelchairs.
SeatsNot designed to be rearranged; some seats may be foldableSeats are available as removeable, fixed, and over-wheel arch.
Wheelchair positionsTransport up to 3 wheelchairs depending on your chosen floorplanTransport up to 3 wheelchairs in any configuration with or without a combination of seats

Community Shuttle vs. P Series Rider Experience

 Community ShuttleP Series
Mobility users (wheelchairs, walkers, mobility devices)Wheelchairs are secured in the lowered channel section of the floorWheelchairs are secured anywhere along the floor track system. Floor is level, allowing all passengers to enjoy the window views.
Ambulatory passengersPassengers walk into van and may need to use a step to take their seat
Yellow assist handles provided to help with mobility while entering and exiting the van
No steps required for walk-on passengers to access seats; “barrier-free”
Yellow assist handles provided to help with mobility while entering and exiting the van

Community Shuttle vs. P Series Safety

At MoveMobility, we take the safety of your drivers and passengers seriously. Therefore, we will not allow the purchase of an accessible vehicle that would compromise your rider’s safety or wellbeing. There are several factors to consider when it comes to van safety and the liability you carry as a transport provider, including:

  • What is the maximum number of passengers you can transport?
  • Are you aware of how your vehicle’s passenger capacity could affect your liability in the event of an accident?
 Community ShuttleP Series
CMVSS CompliantYesYes
D409 CompliantYesYes

MoveMobility’s P Series conversion design and floorplans are configured for a maximum of 10 persons at one time.

If you are in the market for commercial wheelchair accessible vans, we can help you become aware of federal and provincial vehicle requirements around passenger capacity and liability.

Conclusion: Creative Carriage Community Shuttle vs. MoveMobility P Series

Overall, the Creative Carriage Community Shuttle van is a great option for programs in which drivers prefer a manual ramp that they deploy by hand. To access ambulatory seats, walk-on riders may need to step up onto another floor level. Furthermore, wheelchair positions are provided in the lowered channel area of the floor only. Mobility riders may struggle to enjoy visibility out the windows.

MoveMobility’s P4 is a purpose-built accessible van that gives all passengers a barrier-free experience. The van’s AutoFloor gives users full flexibility with seat and wheelchair configurations.

Now that you have compared the Creative Carriage Community Shuttle to the MoveMobility P Series vans, you may have a better idea of which van is best suited for your organization.

If you still aren’t sure what type of accessible van your program needs, contact us at 844-951-3808 or by using the button below:

If you’d like to learn more about what to consider when buying a mobility van for your organization, visit our Resource Centre.



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