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How Does Mobile Medical Van Service Work?

Mobile Medical Clinic Van

If your organization provides mobile healthcare services to people around Canada, you must learn how mobile medical van service works. Or, you might not even have a mobile medical van yet and are still in the research phase of your journey.

If your mobile medical van isn’t serviced routinely, lives could be at risk due to delayed medical assistance. It can also result in the safety of your van being compromised, and fixed healthcare facilities will experience increased pressure.

At MoveMobility, we do our best to manufacture innovative mobile medical vans that consistently surpass our clients’ expectations. We want your program to succeed, and if your van is having issues, you may be missing out on reaching your full potential. In addition, we want your patients to receive the best healthcare possible, and that starts with a properly running mobile medical van. 

In this article, you’ll learn more about how mobile medical van service works. We’ll discuss the process, and how you can reach out to our dedicated service team for further assistance. 

What is mobile medical van service?

Mobile medical van service is like a checkup for your lifesaving vehicle. It’s about making sure your vehicle is always ready to roll and provide healthcare when it’s needed. Here’s a peek at what’s involved.

Regular checkups: Your mobile medical van should get regular checkups, just like you visit the doctor. This helps to catch and fix any issues before they become bigger and more expensive problems.

Oil changes and tune-ups: Just like your car needs an oil change, your van needs them too. Routine oil changes and tune-ups make sure everything is running smoothly.

Emergency repairs: Sometimes, your van might face unexpected hiccups. With mobile medical van service, our team jumps into action, fixing anything that could slow down your mission.

When we manufacture mobile medical vans, we prioritize safety. From brakes to lights, every part is inspected to make sure your van is as safe as it can be.


How does mobile medical van service work at MoveMobility?


Mobile Medical Clinic Van


Mobile medical van service involves 3 simple steps. Let’s take a closer look at each.


1. Prepare your information for a smooth process

Ensuring a seamless experience with MoveMobility’s mobile medical van service starts with gathering the necessary information. Before making contact, have these details ready:

  • Your contact details: Provide your name and contact information.
  • Location information: Let us know where you are to better assist you.
  • Technical assistance needs: Determine if you require remote technical support.
  • Van details: Note any conversions made on your mobile medical van, specifying whether MoveMobility or another company performed them.
  • Current issues: Be prepared to tell us the challenges you’re currently facing.
  • VIN: Record your van’s Vehicle Identification Number for reference.


To help you stay organized, we’ve created a handy checklist that you can download here.


2. Connect with MoveMobility for hassle-free assistance

Reaching out to MoveMobility for service is a straightforward process. Choose from the following options based on your preference and convenience:

  • Call us: Dial our dedicated service line at 844-951-3808 for prompt assistance.
  • Email us: Send us your inquiry via email for a written record of your communication.
  • Visit us: If you’re in proximity to our facility, feel free to schedule an appointment to discuss and receive your mobile medical van service in person. 


What if the mobile medical van isn’t driveable?

If the van is not drivable and you’re nowhere one of our service centres, you should contact your nearest dealership for assistance. If the failure is a conversion component, you should first call us to start the repair process.

During that call, we will make recommendations as to the service centres available to you. Once the van has been diagnosed with the repair facility you bring your van to, we will work with you to complete the necessary repairs. 

In the event that the repair is covered under the MoveMobility Conversion Warranty, payment will be issued directly to the repair facility. 


3. Engage with our customer care team for personalized support

Upon contacting MoveMobility, you’ll connect with our dedicated customer care team. Our knowledgeable and friendly representatives are ready to assist you through the entire service process. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the process of purchasing a mobile medical van, already own one, or are simply curious about our services.

Now that you’re aware of the steps involved in accessing MoveMobility’s mobile medical van service, you might be interested in learning more about what our service does and doesn’t offer. Keep reading the next couple of sections to find out.


What’s not part of our service at MoveMobility?

At MoveMobility, being upfront about what we don’t offer is part of our commitment to transparency. Let’s take a look at what isn’t part of our service.

No on-site assistance: We don’t send service technicians directly to your location for on-the-spot assistance with your mobile medical van. Instead, we encourage you to bring your van to one of our authorized service centers for any service. 


Why do we do this? 


Specialized tools: Some tools and equipment needed for mobile medical van repairs are complex and challenging to transport nationwide. When we have your van directly at our service centers, we ensure we have every specialized tool available. This contributes to effective and thorough repairs.

Efficiency: Centralized repairs at our facility also means we can swiftly address any issues. With all resources in one location, we can focus on your van’s needs without delays. This ensures a quicker turnaround for your organization.

At MoveMobility, your convenience is a top priority. While on-site services might seem convenient, our focus on bringing your van to our authorized service locations guarantees efficiency without unnecessary delays or additional expenses.


Mobile medical van service at MoveMobility

Our caring customer care team at MoveMobility is ready to help you before and after you buy a mobile medical van. We’re here for you, even if you decide to choose a mobility vehicle from another company. You can reach us in many different ways, and sometimes, we can solve your issues without you having to visit a service center. Making sure you’re happy and things are easy for you is what matters most to us.


Pre-sales support

Post-sales support

What we offer before you buy:

What you get after your purchase:

Get to know the vehicle: Before making a purchase, it’s helpful to understand your options. We provide insights into our mobile medical vans and encourage you to compare features with other available options. This helps you make an informed decision, ensuring the chosen vehicle meets your specific needs and preferences.

Stay in the loop: After your purchase, we keep you informed about the progress of your van’s production. We’ll provide updates and inform you about the estimated delivery time. Keeping you in the loop throughout the delivery process is a top priority for us. This ensures you are well aware of what to expect next.

Technical details: Technical specifications matter, especially when it comes to mobile medical vans. Our team provides detailed information about your prospective van. This ensures the suitability of the vehicle for your specific needs while giving you confidence in your choice.

Van details: After you’ve made the purchase, we go beyond the basics. We offer comprehensive details about the mobile medical van you’ve chosen. This includes all the necessary paperwork, specifications, facts, and statistics. We want to ensure you have all the information you need about your investment.

Resource assistance: Making a purchase involves more than just choosing the right vehicle. We understand the importance of financial support. That’s why we guide you towards valuable resources, including links to government grants and funding opportunities. This additional support can make the purchase process smoother for you.

Training links: Safety is important when it comes to operating our vehicles. After your purchase, we provide links to trusted training courses so your staff can get started in the right direction. This ensures the safe and effective operation of your mobile medical van. Additionally, we offer training on the proper use of equipment in the van, further enhancing safety measures.


Maintenance support: We understand that maintenance and repair are part of owning a vehicle. Our customer care team is here to assist with any maintenance and repair inquiries you may have. If you run into issues with your vehicle, need help diagnosing a problem, or require guidance on accessing a repair facility, we’re here to support you. In certain situations, we can even connect you to a mechanic through Zoom or the phone to help troubleshoot your issue. Our goal is to ensure your mobile medical van remains in good condition for the foreseeable future with reliable service along the way.


Your next steps with MoveMobility


Mobile Medical Clinic Van


You landed on this article looking for more information on mobile medical van service. If you’ve made it this far, you now know that our team doesn’t just forget about your organization after you’ve purchased a vehicle from us.

We’ve manufactured hundreds of mobile medical vans and wheelchair vans, and we consistently yield positive feedback.

From here, you should take a look at our article on the costs and possibilities of mobile medical van customization. This article will give you a better idea of what type of things you can do with your vehicle.

Now that you know more about mobile medical van service, you might also be interested in how much a mobile medical van costs. Take a read-through of our article for more information on that. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to click the button below to speak to a commercial mobility expert.




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If at any point during the process you feel we’re just not the right fit for your community or organization, just let us know. 


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