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What Is a Mobile Mental Health Clinic?

Mental health is just as important as physical health. A mobile mental health clinic is one way to spread awareness and help people in need across Canada.
Mobile Outreach Van

In 2022 alone, more than 18% of Canadians over 15 years of age met the criteria to be diagnosed with a mood disorder. The yearly economic impact of mental illness in Canada is believed to be more than $50 billion. 15% of Canadians use the medical system and health services for mental illness. Mobile mental health clinics are an answer to people’s cries for help.

Mental health is just as important as physical health. When people are dealing with mental health struggles, their physical health declines. Unfortunately, there seems to be a stigma attached to people who are seeking assistance for mental health concerns. This can sometimes prevent them from visiting hospitals or getting the help they so desperately need.

These statistics above are just one of the many reasons why our team at MoveMobility works so hard to manufacture mobile medical vans. We don’t like seeing barriers like stigma getting in the way of people seeking medical attention for mental health issues. It makes us smile when we see organizations like yours doing what they can and using our vans as tools to help people in need.

If the goal of your organization is based on helping people with their mental health, this article is for you. You’re going to learn what mobile mental health clinics are and their purpose. You’ll also learn how you can use them to help people facing mental health issues around Canada.


Mobile mental health clinics: What are they?

In today’s fast-paced world, getting access to mental health support can feel like a challenge. That’s where mobile mental health clinics step in. These are like regular clinics, but they come to the patients instead of the patients coming to them. They’re like a doctor’s office on wheels, but instead of just physical health, the focus is on mental well-being.

They’re vehicles that are specially designed to offer mental health services on the go. They’re like a traveling support system, reaching neighborhoods and communities that might struggle to access traditional mental health facilities. Let’s break down what makes them so unique.


On-the-go support

These mobile clinics are equipped with everything a basic brick-and-mortar mental health clinic would have. This allows mental health professionals to provide the same mental health care in various locations across the country. They bring therapy sessions, mental health assessments, and support directly to neighborhoods, schools, or workplaces.


Community connection

When mobile mental health clinics meet people where they are, it breaks down barriers that might have prevented them from seeking help in the first place. They connect with communities on a personal level.

This approach helps reduce the stigma around seeking mental health help. It helps foster a more open and supportive environment.


Flexibility and accessibility

Not everyone lives close to a city center with easy access to mental health resources. The mobility factor ensures that even remote or underserved areas have access to mental health resources. These clinics cater to diverse populations, making mental health support more inclusive and convenient.


Why mobile mental health clinics matter

Mobile mental health clinics play a vital role in reaching those who might otherwise slip through the cracks. They embody innovation in mental health care, making services approachable, flexible, and available to all. It’s a crucial step towards creating a society where mental health is a priority, and help is always within reach.

In some social circles, seeking help for mental health is wrongly seen as a sign of weakness. Mobile clinics help to break down this stigma. The mere presence of a mobile mental health clinic challenges the notion that seeking help is a weakness. It sends a powerful message that mental well-being is a priority and that everyone deserves access to the support they need.


What is the Mobile Outreach Van?

Back view of Mobile Outreach Van for indigenous communities
Spacious interior for a comfortable ride


The Mobile Outreach Van we manufacture at MoveMobility is a source of hope, especially for mental health care. Let’s discover how this van can work as a mobile mental health clinic, providing help directly to those suffering from mental health issues.

The Mobile Outreach Van’s changeable layouts are a big deal for organizations focused on mental health efforts. Here’s how:

Comfortable travel: Safely take staff or clients in a soothing environment, making them feel secure during the trip.

On-site help: The van’s easy-to-clean surfaces and medical-grade cabinets ensure a clean space for immediate on-site help.

Organized space: The aluminum medical storage and easy-to-open cabinets create an organized space perfect for mental health support.

Mobile office: Your organization can transform the van into a mobile office where the mental health pros can offer support. It includes a secure rolling chair, desk space, and overhead lighting.

Climate control: Rear heat and air conditioning promise a comfortable setting, essential for open and honest talks.


Knowing that every outreach program is different, we offer custom solutions to make your van even better:

Hygiene and convenience: Add a sink for better hygiene or a fridge for storing medicine.

Privacy matters: Put in a cab divider for private talks, making sure it’s a safe space for clients.

Powering up: Choose extra power supply options to handle various equipment needs.

In the world of mental health care, the Mobile Outreach Van becomes a mobile safe haven that organizations like yours can use to break down barriers and provide mental health support where it’s needed most. 


What is the state of mental health in Canada?

Over the past decade, the statistics on Canadians over age 15 with generalized anxiety disorder have doubled from 2.6% to 5.2%. The stats on those dealing with major depressive episodes have also jumped from 4.7% to 7.6%. 

These findings we’ve highlighted so far indicate the importance of mobile medical clinics in Canada. They provide vital services to people who might otherwise have limited access to mental health services. The expansion of these clinics could significantly contribute to addressing the growing mental health needs in Canada.

There are currently only around 30 mobile mental health clinics scattered throughout Canada. 


A mobile mental health clinic example

Winter in Canada can be tough, especially up north where the cold bites deep. But in the face of hardship, the Mobile Outreach Van becomes a beacon of hope.

One chilly day, an organization rolled the Mobile Outreach Van into a small rural community, nestled in the snow-covered landscape. They heard about Jack, a person battling the shadows of depression. The cold wasn’t just outside; it had seeped into his heart.

The van was equipped with mental health professionals, and it brought warmth and care to those in need. Jack, initially hesitant, found comfort in the friendly faces that greeted him.

Inside the van, Jack discovered a safe, private, and warm space. The mental health team listened and offered understanding and support. They spoke in a language of empathy, reaching Jack in ways he hadn’t experienced before. The warmth of human connection melted the icy grip of depression.

The van wasn’t just a place for conversation; it carried tools for the path toward healing. Information on coping strategies, resources for ongoing support, and a roadmap to recovery—all shared within those four walls of the van.

As winter’s cold began to relent, so did Jack’s struggles. The Mobile Outreach Van brought more than just mental health support; it brought a community together to uplift one of its own. Jack’s story is one of resilience, where a van became the vehicle for healing in the harshest of winters.


What’s next?

Inside Mobile Outreach van (MO Model) showing two seats for possible patient transfer/treatment.


After reading this article, you now have a better idea of what mobile mental health clinics are. You also learned how your organization can use them to help people struggling with their mental health around the country.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much one of these vans will cost. Read our mobile medical van cost article on that. 

You might also be curious for more information on the Mobile Outreach Van. Check out this specific article for a closer look at that.



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